Wonderfully Informational Awakening

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I recently had an INCREDIBLE experience with Salvia 10X Extract. I did this years ago with different mixtures between 5x-30x… And I must admit, it’s almost difficult to explain how INTERESTING AND WONDERFULLY informational/Awakening for me.

So – the other day I was outside sitting on the steps to the deck, didn’t even have a bong but I did simply put the extract with some leaves straight into a glass bowl, and used a torch to light it nice and hot…

I started recording myself on video which was hilarious yet interesting to watch the next day with friends.

Held in the smoke as long as i could, maybe 35 seconds or so lol and exhaled.

DUDEEEE the next thing I know, I feel the most INTENSE pulling of gravity in both directions, by the time I started being completely dragged into the 4th dimension, and maybe even some of the 5th, all this from an “improper” dry glass bowl normally for weed/tobacco!

I lost complete control of reality, sight, hearing, heck all I could do was be amazed and totally overwhelmed with knowledge and wisdom from the many things I felt and aw, it felt so wild to learn and know beyond the things of this earth and how it all ione with forces we do not understand or normally even could fathom… The video lasted about 7 minutes and once I started to come down, I could feel the wind and the sun and a strange deeper feeling of peace mixed with HUST WOW pretty much! Highly recommend it as long as you are in a safe, controlled, and positive environment!!!

There’s no need to go past 20-30x because as long as you use it properly!

Enjoy !!!