If you are like me, you have tried all types of techniques to attain spiritual enlightenment, but it took the help of Salvia to finally breakdown the unconscious barriers that were holding me back.  Looking back I realize that I should have tried this amazing spiritual herb, years ago.

Where my spiritual path started:

I first started to try to open my mind to the universe around me when I was in my early twenties.  I practiced yoga and even learned several methods of meditation designed to open my conscious mind to my inner-self.  These early experiments in conscious building were helpful beyond words.

Later I learned various types of ceremonial Magick techniques designed to help me learn to travel in the astral planes.  All of these techniques were very helpful.  Unfortunately, something always kept me from truly being able to open up and achieve the states of consciousness that the great shamans and magicians have written about for centuries.

What I needed was to add a spiritual herb to my workings:

That is when I decided to try some of the herbs that have been used for generations by shamans to help them open up to the universe around us.  After a bit a research, I ordered some Salvia online and in a few days, I was ready to pick up my spiritual workings from a completely new angle.

The results were amazing!  Never had I been able to travel deeper into the astral planes and control the experience.  With the help of Salvia, I was able to push the envelope and breakthrough the barriers that had held me back in the past.

After my first spiritual working with Salvia, I was able to take my conscious mind to new levels and open up more than I had ever been able to in the past.  That evening I also had the most amazing lucid dream experience of my life.  If you have ever wanted to experience what the greatest shamans in history have known for generation, then you should add Salvia to your spiritual workings.

My body is my temple:

I am not a smoker and I believe that my body is my temple, so I do not want to put toxins in my body, which is why I like SalviaSalvia is not a drug, and it contains no nicotine, it is simply a spiritual herb that can help you open your mind to the universe around all of us.

If you have found that your spiritual development is stalled, then it might be time to add Salvia to your workings.  To find the best quality Salvia, as well as other spiritual herbs, then let Salvia Dragon help you open your conscious mind to the universe around you.