This article is going to take a very brief look at Salvia Divinorum and why the hell it has suddenly got so unpopular with politicians and lawmakers in the US. This is a question that needs to be answered, because just a few years ago these very same politicians and lawmakers would never have heard of Salvia or its hallucinogenic effects.

Which is odd, because now they all talk as it has been the scourge of humanity for a generation; if you were to judge Salvia purely by what has been written about it by over zealous journalists and over eager politicians then it is Satan’s own drug, and potential users are lured to their inevitable and instant death.

Of course this isn’t the case… at least we hope that Satan isn’t involved somehow.

The fact is that politicians and, subsequently, media types have picked up on Salvia as an easy target. They can punish those who enjoy Salvia because the public perception of those involved in any kind of hallucinogenic drug is one of evil bottom-feeders who pick on kids coming out of school. This is a minority drug and they’re not going to get any major opposition to its ban. The fact that both alcohol and nicotine are both far more widely used and far more damaging seems to have conveniently passed them by.

Naturally if politicians go on the warpath then the journalists are not far behind. What is an easy vote for politicians is an easy story for the media.

So the answer to the question of why Salvia is hated so much is simple: it isn’t, really. There are just a lot of people who are willing to use it as a scapegoat simply because they have no other ideas about decent policy or decent stories.