The potential banning of Salvia from most, if not all, states in the US is a terribly bad idea. Not only is a bad idea from the point of view of people like me who enjoy Salvia, but it is also a bad idea from the point of view of those very people that are trying to ban it. Unfortunately, these people just don’t see that. Their short-term political ambitions are clouding a long-term view, and that is a very dangerous thing.

What happened when America tried to ban alcohol? The public revolted, alcohol production moved underground, and life went on. The only thing that changed, was that alcohol production, provision, and sale, were all controlled by gangsters and the underworld. Alcohol is poor quality, and people were ill as a result. Extortion, crime, blackmail and many other serious crimes were committed as a result of the government’s decision to introduce prohibition.

Banning Salvia will have very similar knock-on effects. Salvia will be sold by gangsters and criminals, as opposed to the legitimate shops and online businesses currently selling. Gangsters do not care if they are selling a dangerous product, nor do they care who they sell the product to. All they care about are their profits.

As I said a truly undesirable situation for anyone and everyone, but one which remains apparently unseen by politicians and media outlets who are shouting for the ban. Occasionally a sensible article will appear in which reasoned thought about the situation will lead to some plausible conclusions. Unfortunately the sensible articles are just too few and too infrequent.

So when will everyone realise the mistake that we are inevitably heading towards? Unfortunately this can only happen once the worst fears of this writer are realised. Let’s just hope it doesn’t damage our society too much.