Why are States banning salvia divinorum?

Why are states across America banning salvia divinorum really? Of course there are certainly all those arguments that anything that makes you laugh uncontrollably has to be controlled by the government! No really, I understand the need to monitor something if it has become a substance used by more than just a wee handful of people. However, I do wonder whether or not taking the action to ban salvia is really being done for the well fare of the “people”.

Salvia’s effects reportedly last 10 to 20 minutes. It at this time seems to have not adverse side effects or addictive qualities. So why is there a need to either ban it. Perhaps could there be more powerful reasons for them to be banned like money, money that could be lost by tobacco or pharmaceutical industries? I’m just saying… think about it?

The moniker given to salvia divinorum is “magic mint”. This groovy name that has been given to it seems to have made senators think it is open season on speculation about what “magic mint” really does. Some senators have compared it to LSD and marijuana. They have claimed that it’s dangerous and potentially lethal to help push through legislation. All the studies that have been done find that it does not compare to either LSD or marijuana and that there are no addictive effects. Since it was first documented in 1939 there have been no documented potentially lethal cases involving the ingestion of salvia divinorum. So why are States banning and villainizing “magic mint” really?

So there must be a bigger reason really that is not being shared because our government would not deny its people a perfectly harmless herb that can be grown in our own gardens for pennies. Herbs that can alleviate depression put us in a good mood and induce laughter naturally with no side effects. Surely our government would not deny us of such a harmless and inexpensive thing unless they had a really powerful reason!