States Salvia is Legal In:

  • Alabama salvia is legal
  • Alaska salvia is legal
  • Arizona salvia is legal
  • Arkansas salvia is legal
  • California salvia is legal
  • Colorado salvia is legal
  • Connecticut salvia is legal
  • Delaware salvia is NOT legal
  • Florida salvia is NOT legal
  • Georgia salvia is legal
  • Hawaii salvia is NOT legal
  • Idaho salvia is legal
  • Illinois salvia is NOT legal
  • Indiana salvia is legal
  • Iowa salvia is legal
  • Kansas salvia is NOT legal
  • Kentucky salvia is NOT legal
  • Louisiana salvia is NOT legal
  • Maine salvia is legal
  • Maryland salvia is legal
  • Massachusetts salvia is legal
  • Michigan salvia is legal
  • Minnesota salvia is NOT legal
  • Mississippi salvia is NOT legal
  • Missouri salvia is NOT legal
  • Montana salvia is legal
  • Nebraska salvia is NOT legal
  • Nevada salvia is legal
  • New Hampshire salvia is legal
  • New Jersey salvia is legal
  • New Mexico salvia is legal
  • New York salvia is legal
  • North Carolina salvia is NOT legal
  • North Dakota salvia is NOT legal
  • Ohio salvia is NOT legal
  • Oklahoma salvia is NOT legal
  • Oregon salvia is legal
  • Pennsylvania salvia is legal
  • Rhode Island salvia is legal
  • South Carolina salvia is legal
  • South Dakota salvia is NOT legal
  • Tennessee salvia is NOT legal
  • Texas salvia is legal
  • Utah salvia is legal
  • Vermont salvia is legal
  • Virginia  salvia is NOT legal
  • Washington salvia is legal
  • West Virginia salvia is NOT legal
  • Wisconsin salvia is legal
  • Wyoming  salvia is legal

Salvia Legal Status

You might wonder about Salvia legal status in the United States before deciding to try or purchase the product. The good news is, Salvia is legal in most US states and a majority of countries worldwide. However, the ever increasing popularity of Salvia use has lead to some legislation efforts towards adding the herb to the long list of controlled substances by the US government. If approved, this will make Salvia illegal in all 50 states.
The salvia legal status has been a long debate in the States for years. A few states have already passed legislations against the use, distribution and possession of Salvia. This includes Alabama, Georgia, Alaska, California (no sale to minor), Florida, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas. In other states, Salvia and its products remain legal. Many freedom advocates are pressing to stop such moves against Salvia. They point out that the pressures from these laws are just simple prejudice since Salvia is not a drug. Historically, it has been employed as a sacred spiritual tool, used by the Mazatecs for hundreds of years. If possible please spread the news and help us in a fight for salvia legal status.
The salvia legal issues that surround the use of Salvia should not hinder anyone from embarking on this spiritual journey. Should you want some of the best quality Salvia products, you are free to browse through our website. We carry Salvia and also some alternative legal herbs which are specially good for States where Salvia has been banned.
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