Among thousands of Salvia species Salvia Divinorum is considered the best which is also known as Diverner’s sage. It is a psychoactive herb which induces dissoactive effects and is widely consumed for smoking, vaporizing and chewing. It is generally very confusing for new as well as experienced users to decide for the best extract available as they are not aware of different forms of Saliva Divinorum which can be purchased.

Saliva leaves are found in the isolated plots of Sierra Mazatec Mountains in Mexico. They are generally grown organically without any use of nicotine or harmful chemicals. These leaves are also tried several times in labs to check their potential. Saliva leaves are then dried and sold in packages which can be purchased by consumers. The packages are available in different sizes according to their weight. The dried Saliva leaves can either be chewed or smoked to get the desired effects.

Saliva Divinorum extracts is also available in the market. These extracts usually contain pure salvinorin A which facilitates vision once consumed. Salvinorin is extracted from the plant through extraction process and then re deposited into the dried Salvia leaves. Standard process is quiet costly compared to other methods but ensures a superior quality of product while un-standard method uses harmful chemicals which is harmful for lungs. Saliva extracts could be used for smoking and chewing.

Saliva leaves and extracts are two major forms of Saliva Divinorum which can be purchased. Liquid products and flowers are also some forms of Saliva Divinorum which can be purchased but they are not advised.