A question I often get asked is what kind of pipe is needed to smoke Salvia The answer is simple: any will work. Sometimes a bong is mentioned as the most efficient way to get the Salvia smoke into your system; other times I have heard people mention a simple pyrex pipe being the best way. In some cases I have heard of excellent effects being had just by using a ‘ghetto pipe’.

Whatever I have may heard I would always advise that you experiment for yourself. You can never truly know what is the best option for you with Salvia until you try it out; this holds true whether we are talking pipes, smoking techniques, amount of Salvia to use and even the strength of the Salvia that you’re wanting to try.

A bong with water in it is a good way to cool down the Salvia smoke, thus making it a little easier to hold in the lungs. Again, this simply may not work for everyone.

The trick to smoking Salvia is to heat the sage up to a very high temperature and inhale the smoke. Unlike tobacco or cannabis, Salvia really does need to be very hot to combust. This makes smoking Salvia in a ‘joint’ pretty much impossible.

Many people have reported using a lot of Salvia without any noticeable effects. “Is it broken?” they ask. No, Salvia is not broken. It is just the case that the technique used when using Salvia is very important. If you get that bit wrong then you simply will not feel anything: and it won’t really matter how much you’re using. Even the lighter that you’re using needs to be able to burn the Salvia at a high temperature for a considerable time. A ‘standard’ lighter is unlikely to do the trick, but a torch lighter might just be the key to a successful Salvia session.