Dr. Phil’s eposode on ‘risky teen behavior’ concentrated on the negative effects of Salvia. Guest on the show was Waco State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson. The “Doc” has been instrumental in trying to have Salvia reclassified as a class A drug in Texas, and trying to get it – and possession and use of it – banned in that state. He is confident that the law will be passed by the middle of next year. Bad news for all the Salvia lovers in Texas and bad news for anyone in the US who believes that we have a right to civil liberties and a right to choose for ourselves. But hey, these minor things don’t matter when there’s misinformation and lies to spread, do they?

Anderson advised a mother that helping her child to obtain Salvia was likely to damage her son. He warned of the effects that Salvia can have on developing adolescents. He also warned that “Salvia can cause serious injury to brain tissue”. This seems a little bit of a wild claim when you consider that there is absolutely no indication that Salvia is any way dangerous. There are, though, some indications that Salvia might actually be beneficial to us. Naturally the good doctor failed to mention that bit.

Doctor Anderson demonstrated how easy it was for him to buy Salvia on the way to the studio. Of course it is easy! Salvia is legal! Why on earth would something that is totally legal and totally safe be difficult to get hold of? The logic of some of these people absolutely defies belief.

Anderson noted later in the show that no body knew the long-term effects of Salvia – this seems to go completely against what he said earlier – but that they did know about the short term effects. The short term effects seem to me to be limited to this: people get high.