Trying Salvia for the first time can be a bit of a hair raising experience for those with little or no previous experience with drugs. Jumping in at the deep end with a high strength extract – for the purposes of a first time user I would suggest that anything over 10x strength should be considered high strength – is probably a bad idea. Much safer and probably a lot more pleasant would be to start with the the plain leaf on its own. Salvia is not ‘the next marijuana’ and the trip that you get is unlike anything at all you’ve tried before.

No matter how drug hardened you think you are the stormy waters that Salvia Divinorum will send you through will be quite literally mind blowing. Be warned.

Sally D is a different drug every time you try it. If it just happens that your first trip is a frightening one then, at best, you might be put off for a while. Give it chance and let it work its magic with the much milder trip provided by a much milder substance.

‘Quidding’ might be a good idea for first time users, but it does require a lot of patience and it’s not particularly pleasant to taste. On the upside the trip you get will be very gentle but intense enough to give you a good idea of what is in store a stronger levels.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Salvia is just so different to any other type of drug that it is worthy of a fresh eye and a new respect. Treat Sally D with respect and she will reward you with an experience the like of which you will not otherwise get. It is an experience that is well worth persevering with. Build up slowly and enjoy what Sally D has to offer.