I love to smoke Salvia. I do not try and hide this fact from anyone because I am not embarrassed by it. I am not afraid of the legal repercussions because I am completely within the law. I do not fear the medical problems relating to Salvia because there have been none proved or observed. In short, I am a Salvia smoker and proud of it.

It will come as no surprise, then, that I am absolutely thrilled to hear of the potential good that might come out of some pioneering Salvia research. This research has identified that Salvia might just be able to help researchers pinpoint exactly what happens in the brain when it is affected by a degenerative mental illness like Alzheimer’s.

It goes without saying that I am pleased for those that this development could help. I am also really pleased that this revelation might just sway the opinion of those people who think Salvia to be the devil’s own hallucinogen of choice.

To ban Salvia is to take away another of our civil liberties. Pure and simple. To do this simply because it provides an easy political target seems unfair. It also sets a worrying precedent that doesn’t stop anywhere sensible.