Title:Is salvia divinorum is injurious to health?

Many people like to enjoy their life by taking substances known to have characteristics of intoxication.Some of these substances are available in the nature in the form of herbs and they are being used since centuries both for enjoyment and as one of the ingredients in the preperation of herbal drugs.Salvia divinorum which is having a traditional history of being used for religious purposes has suddenly attaracted the attention of the world when the Uinted States Navy has seperatedabout 15 USS George Washington sailors who are part of us naval base at Japan for using and distributing it.

Though materials like Spice and salvia divinorum are not comong under the banned substance list, they were trated as substances capable of producing strong dissociative effects. Many people who are knowledgable about herbs and closely associated with herbal medicines are of the openion that salvia divinorum is nether harmful for human mantal health nor physical health if taken in limit. Sailors who are living away from human habitation in isolation inserach of enjoyment might have used salvia without any limit and acted iirresponsibly. due to number of such incidents. In spite of not being a banned item, Navy authorities are forced to bring a special order to restrict the use of salvia divinorum and kept a watch on the sailors so that they cannot go to shops to buy salvia.