medicinal potentials

Salvia divinorum is a kind of herbal plant comes under the family of Lamiaceae and is well known because of its potential in helping people to meditate and self-reflect. Additionally, it has healing property as well. This plant primarily found in Mexico and have a hallucinogen effect on human being thus helping them in meditation and self reflection. Researchers have found that presence of a compound named as salvinorin A is the key player for the hallucinogen effect. In earlier days, the presence of this compound in the leaf of the plant mediated people to use the leaf for meditations. However, the doses that has been used for hallucinogen effect is important as higher concentration can cause an extreme state of hallucination. There are very least works have been reported and published till date depicting the bad or side effect of this herbal plant. However, there are at least 30 published works which have elucidated the good effect of this plant leaf extract thus gaining much interest among the students to be used as a drug for meditation. It has also been reported by the US government that many number of students from US buy this herbal plant product and use it. There are different brands which are available in US market that has been made using the dry leaf of the Salvia divinorum plant. Few of them are like Purple sticky, Magic mint and Diviners Sage etc. Use of such effective herbal plant helped lot of people to concentrate on a particular work and helped themselves to improve their work quality. Thus, this herbal plant should gain more interest and people should buy much of this herbal plant product to improve their work quality.