There is is no language capable of truly expressing this indescribable experience.

I’ve done some crazy high doses of salvia before in my journeys, but this one left me shaken more than usual.

They say be careful what you ask for; yeah, that would be good advice. I grounded and centered myself. I asked my guides/guardian angels for their assistance in my journey. I asked God/The Universe/Great Spirit, etc. for knowledge, wisdom, and insight into this sojourn on earth. I asked to gain wisdom into how I could best solve my problems. i asked for the veil of illusion to come off.

I sat with my sitter and loaded up a nice plug of extremely fresh standardized 20x. It deserves to be mentioned that I still had a lot of salvia in my bloodstream from my three previous hits (one hit of raw foliage, 5x, and 10x respectively before the 20x). I incinerate the sally with the torch lighter, and in goes a large quantity of smoke.

Thirty seconds later, I blow the smoke out. As the smoke leaves my lungs, it forms a rod of light coming out of my mouth, and forms a pillar like a laser beam. I manage to lie on my back before totally leaving this reality.

The next thing I realize is that I am pulled backward and out of my body. I sink into the ground and become one with it. I feel my spirit face pulled out of my fleshly face, like being pulled out of a mask. I next feel my spirit pulled out of my body like being pulled out of a robe.

My earth body is fused into material reality, which is not reality at all, and it is separated from “me,” rather forcefully I must say. I realize that the reality we know is like a play of lights and shadows. What I knew as tangible and real was nothing more than a flimsy, thin sheet of a reality.

Picture your spirit body wrapped tightly in a giant sheet of plastic, like plastic wrap. It wraps around your entire body from front to back. Behind you is darkness. You are projected into (but not through) this sheet of plastic. The plastic naturally covers your entire face. Your eyes look through this sheet of plastic, and the sheet acts as a kaleidoscope which creates the light and shadow play we experience as this life, sort of like a spiritual lense. The sheet of plastic is our entire reality that experiences this earth. I come to know that the real “me” is a supersoul that is my true reality that resides in the spirit world. The consciousness we experience here on earth is extremely limited, and when we die and give up this body we rejoin our supersoul. It’s almost as if there’s a bigger “us” sitting in the spirit world pulling the strings that allows us to act and create and form our material world and our reality. It’s sort of like we’re temporarily caught in an unreal game which serves as a giant school room for spiritual evolution.

When I came back to earth consciousness, I felt like I was squashed into a prison cell. I felt suffocated in this body.

I had questions answered that I had sought the answers to for a lifetime. I experienced wisdom and perspective that will take me weeks to process and communicate.

Much more took place, too much to mention in this one post. So, I will continue to tell the story in the next post.

Until then, happy journeys.