Scientists are crazy — literally crazy in some cases — and they do get interested by a lot of strange things. Sometimes the things that they get interested in seem to have little or no application to the real world. Others have an immediate, obvious and direct application to real world problems that we may experience every day.

Salvia is one of the things that is exciting the scientific world at the moment. On the one had we have a completely theoretical problem of working out how Salvia effects the brain in the way it does. On the other we have the very real possibility of that Salvia — and more accurately the way Salvia affects us — can be used to help us learn more about degenerative mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and other psychological problems.

Cures to these things may be only a pipe dream but there is the chance that we can learn something that will point us in the right direction for more effective treatment and research on these terrible afflictions.

Scientists finding willing subjects isn’t a great surprise since everyone loves to get high. There is no shortage of volunteers at Universities and colleges! Try getting volunteers when Salvia is banned, though. That is going to be difficult.