The second in a (very) short series giving the very basic facts about everyone’s favourite psycho-drug, Salvia Divinorum.

The active psychoactive ingredients in Salvia (that’s the bit that makes it so wonderfully trippy) are Salvinorin A and Salvinorin B. Both strains of Salvinorin are naturally occurring chemicals which are not at all structurally similar to any other known common psycho actives. It is partly for this reason that scientists know so little about the plant and its effects on your head.

Effects – the onset
Salvia is a very quick acting drug, especially when it is smoked. Chewing or drinking Salvia effects the user much more slowly. Typically, Salvia smokers will start to feel the effects of the hit within a minute; after 2 minutes the peak of the trip will be in full swing.

Effects – duration
Salvia hits you and is gone very quickly indeed. The main hit will last between 5 and 15 minutes. After the user has experienced the major part of the hit, he will ‘come down’ for between 20 and 40 minutes. The effects of this come down period are largelyunnoticeable , and typically users will re use Salvia within a few minutes of the first hit wearing off. By all accounts this is a very quick acting drug indeed.

Effects – the experience
Salvia produces many wildly differing effects on its users. Some people report very mild feelings of calm, haziness or even unease. Others report outer body experiences and severe hallucinogenic trips. Other effects may be huge time distortion, making their trips feel like they last for hours or just a matter of seconds. Others report a outer body experience and still others have claimed to have undergone a regression to their childhood days.Salvia‘s effects depend very much on the mood of the user, of the amount of the drug taken, and on the user’s susceptibility to drug usage.

Will there be another article in this series? Who knows?! Keep a watch out for more fun facts.