The frame rate of reality seems to slow down

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My body started having the intense sensation of vibrating(but not really vibrating physically I think.) I kept holding my breath until my eyes began to vibrate, then I exhaled. The frame rate of reality seems to slow down a bit. I closed my eyes and saw a diagonal line, πŸ“ with red on the sides(dotted with eyeballs) and green in the middle. This encompasses my entire vision and feels real, I am then forced to open my eyes, and it’s still present but dissipates into my environment. This pattern is seen on background objects and on my girlfriend. It felt like I was being pulled downwards and all around, in horizontal diagonal forces. I saw a house silhouette formed from my TV and pictures on the wall flanking the TV; it looked like a schoolhouse. The house looked three dimensional. The house also had the presence of being a female She was a green house, and she seemed to be slightly angry/upset with me. It was like a teacher being upset at a child. This was very enjoyable in a sense, but uncomfortable as well. However, I started this experiment in order to seek discomfort in a sort of ways. 00:10 The experience ended quickly and I felt quite happy/ecstatic, mostly because I was happy to be me again in a sense! It feels like a good anti depressant. My girlfriend was very supportive and may try it in the future for herself. She thought it was really cool! It’s not always fun, but I believe it’s healthy for the mind if used correctly. In conclusion, I believe this is still a sub-breakthrough dose, I felt like I was close to going too far but I was then gifted a nice, brief experience. I feel satisfied, and will probably wait awhile until I go further.

Nick B.

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