Before you buy Salvia Divinorum, you should know the effects of using it so you know how to use it properly. The effects of this herb are different for every person. Due to the out of body experience that it is known for, it is advised that you must never use it while driving or using heavy machinery. This is advised because the bloodstream absorbs the essence of salvia leaves and stimulates your mind. You must always know the effects of consuming anything stimulating beforehand.

Salvia leaves are legal to consume in most parts of the United States. However, people with diagnosed diseases and individuals taking medicines should take their doctor’s advice prior to consuming the herb. Though the herb is known to be very effective for treating various diseases, your doctor’s suggestion will help you ascertain its effects and the right dosage.

You should always begin consuming salvia in small amounts since consuming larger doses as a beginner can be dangerous for your health. Increase the amounts gradually just as you begin to ascertain its repercussions. If you consume salvia in the correct amounts, it will work as a powerful tool for meditation and offer greater enlightenment.

Consumption of salvia also instigates a sense of awareness which is extremely useful in self-reflection and meditation. The effects of salvia after consumption are apparent in as little as sixty seconds. Until the next five to ten minutes of consumption, the effects of salvia are strong. However, the effects completely go away 50 to 60 minutes after consumption.

It is a misleading notion, believed upon by many people, that salvia has the effects of drugs. The fact is that salvia only appeals to a small population only. People who are true aficionados of salvia leaves, are mostly mature with a stable and philosophical mindset. A lot of consumers also have high tolerance for salvia leaves. Hence, they induce large doses of salvia to get the optimum out of body experience. However, with other users, small amounts of salvia are enough to get them going.

The effects of salvia are also variable depending on what mood you consume it in and what type of setting you are in while using it.

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