When you say the word Saliva the first thought most people have is, eeww. But in all actuality Saliva is a beautiful perennial sub shrub. This is not your common perennial either. This plant requires a lot of attention and only the finest products to help it grow beautifully and correctly. The beautiful flower when bloomed can go by many names. The Argentine Skies Saliva blooms pale blue flowers. The Black and Blue doesn’t mean that it has beaten up, although it does posses the colorful characteristics of a bruise, very dark violet blue. If you want the Saliva perennial that has large blue blooms then you would want to go with either the Blue Enigma or Blue Ensign. But the most common of all the Saliva is the Purple Splendor, which blooms in an amazing shade of purple.
The original habitat of this eye catcher is South America. Once again this plant will require a lot of attention and that is mostly to blame on the distinct differences in climate. They really start to bloom in June and they do disappear for the winter but if it was well cared for it will return the next June. This sub shrub has always been considered a treasure to any garden and will continue to be for many years to come.