The Dark side of botany – Salvia discolor

Salvia discolor does not contain properties of evil but is considered the dark side of botany because of its rare black flowers. Salvias come in a diver set of colors purple, red, blue, and pink, but not many know of the other color black. Black Salvia is a native plant of Peru and has a life span every year lasting from April till the fall. Salvia discolor is also known as the Andean Leaf because the plant comes from Peru’s mountain the Andes.
Salvia plants make a great plant for gardens not only for coloring but also for the smell that it gives off. Some have compared its smell to black currants. The color of Salvia discolor is a beautiful set of black flowers and foliage that has a nice silver to it. However while it would be a nice plant to add to your garden the Salvia discolor does not come without its problems. This plant does not require much water and in fact its roots do not like it at all and some have even questioned its toughness to survive. However if treated right this plant has the high ability to survive due to its strong resistance to pest and diseases.