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The Healing Power of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia has approximately 1000 species all over the world but Salvia Divinorum is considered the best vision including species. According to some scientists Salvia Divinorum has healing powers. Many research studies states that healing powers of Salvia Divinorum is very astonishing as it can help in curing a number of diseases.

The healing power of Salvia Divinorum is tremendous as it can be safely used under medical supervision. According to various medical researches, Salvia can be used to cure alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, stress, AIDS, digestion, cancer, chronic pain etc.

According to Thomas Prisinzano (University of Iowa) who is an assistant Professor of medicinal & natural products chemistry, healing power of Salvia Divinorum could be used to free a person from the addiction of cocaine. The reports states that “You can give a rat free access to cocaine, give them free access to Salvinorin A, and they stop taking cocaine.” Professor Bryan L Roth who is the Director at National Institute on Mental Health’s Psychoactive Drug Screening Program, supported Thomas Prisinzano and said, “We think that drugs derived from the active ingredient could be useful for a range of diseases: Alzheimer’s, depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain and even AIDS or HIV.”

Healing powers of Salvia Divinorum could also be measured by its traditional usage by Mazatech Indians who used it for providing relief from rheumatism, anemia and headache. The future of this herb seems to be very promising in the field of medicine. So if this herb won’t be classed as Schedule A type drug then the healing powers of Salvia Divinorum could create many medical histories.

Side Effects of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a perennial herb from Mexico which belongs to the labiate (mint) family. People consume the herb as they are unaware of the side effects of Salvia Divinorum. It is generally consumed for smoking or chewing. The side effect of Salvia Divinorum largely depends on the size of the dose.

Increased insight, better mood and greater empathy along with boosted self confidence are some of the side effects of Salvia Divinorum. It also alters behavior and perception. This can be dangerous as times as the person may injure himself or others by running over things around him. According to the users of Salvia, they experience a pleasant mood followed by weird thoughts. These effects are generally short term in nature.

Some scientists claim that the long term side effects are Salvia Divinorum are quiet harmful for a human body and mind. According to reports and study by William A. Carlezon et al using ‘Forced-Swim tests’, the herb may have ‘Depressive like effects’. According to another research, if Salvia is used for a long frame of time then the herb may have strong physiological effects. However, the herb – Salvia Divinorum has very low potential as an addictive drug.

It is said that there are some short term side effects of Salvia Divinorum on a human body but there is no evidence of long term side effects. The research on this subject has been very limited and thereby the knowledge about the side effects of Salvia Divinorum is also very minimal.

Salvia Extracts An Overview

Salvia Divinorum is a unique ethnobotanical herb with powerful psychoactive properties. Generally, Salvia extracts is consumed for smoking and chewing. Salavia extracts comes with many benefits and some mild side effects.

Salvia extracts has been used for many years by Mazatec Indians for medical as well as entertainment purpose. It is believed that the herb successfully helped in proving mental joy to people. Medically, it also helped in curing headache, anemia and rheumatism. Though it has been used by the eastern world for many years but it is a new concept for western world. Salvia extracts has gained popularity recently because of the increased vision induced experiences.

Salvia extracts induce many physical and mental experiences. On may experience better mood, greater empathy, high self confidence and increased insight. One may also feel like travelling back and forward in time or feel weightless with a wish to fly in the sky. Users have also given feedback of meeting divine and feeling of oneness.

The herb is generally grown organically without the use of any pesticides and harmful chemicals or nicotine. The standard process of extraction is quiet expensive but provides a premium quality of Salvia extract.

Salvia is the only vision inducing legal herd available in the market. The demand of Salvia extracts has been growing lately because of its effects. This herb is neither addictive nor very harmful for the human body; therefore most of the countries have also legalized the used of the herb except than Australia.

Legal Issues With Salvia

Salvia Divinorum has gained popularity in the recent time and has caught attention of many people globally. The psychoactive drug has a number of rumors attached to it regarding its benefits and side effects. And this situation has lead to a chaos about the legal issues related to Salvia Divinorum.

The current scenario related to legal status of Salvia Divinorum is very concerning to its users. Many countries and states have legalized Salvia products but there are few countries and states like Australia where Salvia Divinorum is considered illegal.

In Us and UK Salvia Divinorum is not considered illegal and is not regulated by any act. But there are few states within USA which have passed their own law and have banned Salvia Divinorum in their states.

The irony of the situation is that the law has banned Salvia Divinorum plant but has not banned Salvorin A which is the hallucinogenic ingredient of the plant which enhances vision. Thus even if the plant is illegal, Salvorin A which is contained in the plant itself is legal.

Where there are states which have banned Salvia, there are some European countries like Denmark and Belgium which have neither banned nor allowed Salvia. They only control the purchase limit of Salvia Divinorum in their country.

Today, 90% of the countries have legalized Salivia Divinorum but within the country there are different laws for different states. Therefore, before purchasing Salvia Divinorum one should check the laws about using the herb in his state or country.

What Are The Forms of Salvia that You Can Buy ?

Among thousands of Salvia species Salvia Divinorum is considered the best which is also known as Diverner’s sage. It is a psychoactive herb which induces dissoactive effects and is widely consumed for smoking, vaporizing and chewing. It is generally very confusing for new as well as experienced users to decide for the best extract available as they are not aware of different forms of Saliva Divinorum which can be purchased.

Saliva leaves are found in the isolated plots of Sierra Mazatec Mountains in Mexico. They are generally grown organically without any use of nicotine or harmful chemicals. These leaves are also tried several times in labs to check their potential. Saliva leaves are then dried and sold in packages which can be purchased by consumers. The packages are available in different sizes according to their weight. The dried Saliva leaves can either be chewed or smoked to get the desired effects.

Saliva Divinorum extracts is also available in the market. These extracts usually contain pure salvinorin A which facilitates vision once consumed. Salvinorin is extracted from the plant through extraction process and then re deposited into the dried Salvia leaves. Standard process is quiet costly compared to other methods but ensures a superior quality of product while un-standard method uses harmful chemicals which is harmful for lungs. Saliva extracts could be used for smoking and chewing.

Saliva leaves and extracts are two major forms of Saliva Divinorum which can be purchased. Liquid products and flowers are also some forms of Saliva Divinorum which can be purchased but they are not advised.

Diseases or Conditions Salvia Divinorum can Cure

Salvia Divinorum is a Mexican herb from the mint family which is generally consumed for chewing and smoking. Due to minimal research on this herb, doctors are not aware of the medical benefits it can provide. But in the recent time, scientists have started doing in depth study on this plant and according to them there are many diseases or conditions Salvia Divinorum can cure.

In the past decade, there has been a steep increase in the number of cardiovascular patients and cancer patients. Researchers around the world are discovering the benefits of this herb. According to them cardiovascular and cancer are two diseases Salvia Divinorum can cure partially by dilating the blood vessels and arteries and increasing the blood flow.

Salvia also helps in curing Alzheimer. Amyloid protein plays a big role in Alzheimer’s disease in which brain cells get destroyed and one starts loosing memory. Many medical studies states that Alzheimer disease can be cured by Salvia Divinorum as the herb has astonishing effect against Amyloid protein.

Few studies have also stated that the problem of depression could be cured with the help of Salvia Divinorum. Although it is too early to conclude that the herb gives positive effects on all patients but many doctors have received positive feedbacks from the patients who took Salvia to cure depression.

Other than the above mentioned diseases, AIDS, schizophrenia, chronic pain, insomnia, alcohol addiction, stress and digestion are few diseases or conditions Salvia Divinorum can sure. Today, scientists from all over the world are researching to find out what all diseases and conditions Salvia Divinorum can cure.

Salvia Divinorum-Pros and Cons

Salvia Divinorum is an herb well known for its psychedelic effects and its side effects on human body. Due to many controversies attached to the herb, different opinions and arguments about Salvia Divinorum are presented by different sections of the society. On one hand, media and many politicians’ talks about the ill effects of Salvia but on other hand, the users of Salvia praise the plant and deny all allegations related to the plant. Difference in people’s perception about the herb has lead to different opinions and controversies about Salvia Divinorum. Many stories had been published and aired by media about the side effects of the plant warning public about the so called ‘deadly herb’. These stories have also influenced some politicians who in turn submitted bill to their state government so as to ban Salvia Divinorum completely. According to them a drug of such strength should not be legalized. But the regular users of Salvia Divinorum have a completely different story to portray. According to them, they have never suffered from any long term side effects and hence all accusations on the herb are completely false. The clashing opinions and arguments about the herb has been quiet disturbing for everyone.Salvia has also been compared to LSD by those who are not in favor of the herb. Calling it a ‘suicide herb’, they echo the though that user of Salvia would eventually commit suicide. But none of the research studies have stated that Salvia has any long term side effect. The contrasting opinions and arguments about the side effects of Salvia Divinorum have only contributed to existing dilemma about the herb.

Controversies of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum has been gaining popularity lately. While, the herb has been well received by many people but Salvia Divinorum has also been surrounded by many controversies. Although Salvia is legal in most of the countries but it has not been yet approved by Federal Food Administration. There are also many controversies about the effects of using salvia Divinorum.Salvia Divinorum is an herb which produces psychedelic effects. Some of the common side effects of Salvia are better mood, increased insight, increased self confidence and greater empathy. Due to such ill effects, Salvia Divinorum has been constantly attached to controversies which have also concerned parents, political leaders and media.Today, the herb is used by many people to increase emotions, to connect to themselves and universe, and to feel calmness. Ironically, even when the herb produces such sensational effects yet the section of society which do not favor Salvia compare Salvia to “LSD” or “pot”. However, none of the research studies states that Salvia has any long term side effects. All these controversies related to Salvia Divinorum have led to confusion among the public who could have become a potential user of the herb.The controversy related to Salvia DIvinorum still stands still, especially with the matter of its becoming legal throughout the world. And those people who are aware of the herb are not aware of the facts related to it. Even with all this chaos about the herb, the demand of Salvia Divinorum has been growing along with its never ending controversies.

Salvia Divinorum-Botanical Perspective

Salvia Divinorum is a rare plant used for many years by the Mazatec Indians. It was used for scientific purposes from the year 1950 and has science become the subject of botanical research. According to biologists Salvia Divinorum contains Salvinorin A which is one of the most potential natural hallucinogens. Scientists are also interested in the limited sexual re production and anthropogenic distribution properties of Salvia Divinorum.

Ethnobotanically, Salvia Divinorum is a 0.5 to 1 meters long perennial herb with flowers stalks which grows up to 2 to 3 meters. The translucent flowers stalks are slightly wrinkled and hollow with rough sides. The leaves of this plant are oval with smooth base and pointed tail. They are approximately 20 cm long and about 10 cm wide.

Talking about Salvia Divinorum’s botany, the herb produces seeds which are generally in very limited quality and they seldom germinate. The pollen fertility of this herb is quiet less for an unknown reason. Originally, active pollen tube inhibition is not present in the system but once the pollen reaches the ovary, it becomes aberrant. Often, partial sterility is suggested of a hybrid origin as it otherwise weakens the theory of hybrid origin which happens if indistinguishable plants are grown through seeds with the help of self pollination. Therefore, the plant is grown mainly by layering. Just like these facts, there are numerous other unknown facts attached to Salvia Diviroum.

Traditionally, Salvia Divinorum was quiet popular among people because of its spiritual qualities Because of its numerous applications and mysteries it has opened the doors for many research opportunities. And t is indeed possible that soon Salvia Divinorum may become a very important herb pharmacologically.

Chemistry of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum or Diverner’s sage is considered the best herb among the thousands of Salvia species. It is an extraordinary herb used for healing, medication and divination by Mazatec Indians. Due to limited research conducted on Salvia Divinorum, the information about chemistry of Salvia Divinorum is also quiet restrained. But as the herb has gained popularity in last couple of years, this has pursued scientists also to take keen interest in the chemistry of Salvia Divinorum. Due to the presence of Salvinorin in the herb, Salvia Divinorum is marked as the best Salvia herb and hence makes it superior to other types of sages. Salvinorin constitutes majorly of Salvinorin A and Salvinorin B and the group of its compounds is known as neoclerodane diterpenoids. Out of the two constituents, Salvinorin A is the primary component and the formula for same is C23H28O8. This component is also referred as psychoactive compound. Unlike most other natural drugs, Salvinorin A doesn’t contain a basic nitrogen atom and hence the component is not an alkaloid. The chemistry of Salvia Divinorum is in such a manner that its component does give a negative reaction on urine tests. This unique quality makes it incomparable with any other drug. Salvinorin A is the only proved Divinorum contained in the herb which produces psychoactive effects But according to many researchers, Salvia Divinorum may also contain other psychoactive substance namely, Divinorum C. The chemistry of Salvia Divinorum is still a mystery, but soon researchers would be able to provide us with complete details on the subject.