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Salvia Dragon-

Just wanted to say thank you folks for the great customer service; I used to buy a lot of salvia from you before the Minnesota ban, and after several bad experiences on other sites purchasing Afghan Hash, I have decided to come back here with my business. I am very thankful for the reliability of your site, the great prices, and the quality of the merchandise, so keep up the great work folks, I will always come back!

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Salvia’s Healing Properties

Salvia Divinorum is becoming to gain interest being a plant that may have the capacity to cure an astounding range of illnesses. Scientists are establishing studies to prove that this Mexican plant of the mint family that could relieve both patients suffering from coronary disease and even those with cancer. Salvia has also found out to be a probable cure for Alzheimer’s, not to mention patients struggling with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), alcohol dependency, painful spells, schizophrenia, and insomnia. Studies show that Salvia Divinorum can be both non-toxic and non-addictive, and may possess some benefits in psychiatric therapy.

Herbal healthcare specialists in China used Salvia to care for and avoid cardiovascular disease. Salvia will usually increase bloodstream circulation within the myocardium, which functions like a preventive measure against cardiovascular illnesses. A lot of skin disorders like acne and boils may be treatable with Salvia. During these treatments, Salvia functions to clarify harmful pollutants on the skin and relieve irritation. Some Chinese herbal healthcare specialists have been successful in dealing with troubles emerging during menstruation such as painful menstrual cramps and irregular the monthly period.

Salvia Divinorum can be administered in many ways.  Ancient techniques incorporated crushing the leaves of the plant to produce an extract juice from the leaves, then mix these juices with water to produce a tea to be drunk.  Today’s consumers of Salvia Divinorum commonly smoke dried leaves inside a regular pipe or water line (to make the smoke fresh). Eating the leaves is another popular way of using the plant; though, it has to be done with care as it is noted the active component in Salvia Divinorum is neutralized when it makes its way into the digestive tract. Chewers have to hold the plant for a long time in the mouth as you possibly can to be able to absorb all the Salvia in to the blood stream. This process does require a lot of plant for consumption, but can also be believed to supply the most potent and more longer-lasting effects.   Also you can find commercial herbal healthcare specialists who make capsules of Salvia Divinorum like a medicinal supplement.

Some wild effects noted with regards to the use of Salvia.  A few of these effects, are to some extent subjective, and referred to as follows:   extreme recall of past memories, out of control laughter and trance-like tendencies.

A huge amount of study in controlled conditions is considered necessary to fully asses these effects. Some scientists have discovered good success in dealing with certain behavior disorders, such as; alcohol and substance abuse, severe anxiety disorder, manic–depressive disorder, ADHD and depression.

Promising results of studies on the medicinal benefits of Salvia Divinorum are emerging for the reason that it is regarded as generally non habitual. As a result, it might be a resource of safe and non-addictive antidepressants and pain killers. Salvia’s exceptional qualities may provide itself to definite use in psychiatric therapy – it’s proven to produce a condition of self-reflection in the consumers it helps within the retrieval of childhood recollection; also it produces a state of mind that enables psychotherapists use of normally difficult-to-achieve regions of the psyche.

Buy Salvia and Have a Fantastic Divine Experience

Salvia Divinorum is plant from the sage family.  Naturally found in the highlands of Mexico where most of the population believe that this plant is sacred and contain powers for enlightenment through meditation and divine experiences.  Salvia Divinorum contain hallucinogenic substances that are used by Mazatec shamans for curing ailments and also for divine rituals.  It is also a therapy at lower dosages as a diuretic, and to treat illnesses like diarrhea, anemia, headaches, and rheumatism.

Basically, there three ways of consuming Salvia; it could be taken as a drink, smoked or chewed.   Drinking the extract is more popular because most people believe that this method make the body easily absorb the substance.  On the other hand, drinking salvia can cause peeling and pain in the mouth.  This is due to the manner of taking the drink that you have to hold it inside your mouth for a long time, thus burning the tongue.  What’s good about this method is that you can have the exact amount you want.

In smoking Salvia Divinorum, you place some leaves right into a pipe and then smoke it as if you were smoking cigarettes.  Smoking Salvia produces two varying effects on people.  You will feel the main effects of Salvia quickly. First, you will sense like you are in another world, where you stand totally lost, or perhaps a lighter feeling.  The most intense “high” will be achieved within a minute and will last for 2-5 minutes and eventually subside.  Individuals who’ve smoked considerable amounts or have taken highly potent salvia have pragmatic occasions where they’ve spoken to individuals as though these were foreign objects, or feel like time itself has stood still.

Chewing the leaves has kept on in modern use. Nevertheless, salvia is generally observed as inactive when orally consumed, as it is in fact deactivated through the intestinal system. As a result, in what’s believed as a modern-day innovation, the leaves is locked in the mouth as long as you possibly can to be able to assist absorption from the active substances with the saliva. Chewing consumes a lot of plant than smoking, and creates a longer-lasting experience.

If you want to have a fantastic divine experience and think you can deal with your self being out of control, then go ahead and try some Salvia Divinorum.  It is affordable, legal in many areas, and it is not addictive-making the experience without any downside.  Salvia leaves and  extract can be purchased easily from reliable sources online.

Salvia Divinorum’s Exceptional Health Benefits

Salvia Divinorum have found its place in the modern culture due to its psychedelic effects to humans. Many people have this common misunderstanding regarding this plant in relation to the effects which is in similarity with marijuana and cocaine.  They see this as a reason enough to make Salvia Divinorum banned and declared illegal. In fact, this misunderstanding is way farther from the truth.  Salvia is not like marijuana, cocaine or any other drugs.

Several studies carried out linked Salvia Divinorum to free anyone from dependence on some alcohol and even drugs. Also, there are new researches done unleashing other medical benefits and potential of the plant to help individuals struggling with different type of ailments. Any drug or substance that’s being used in excess would certainly manifest its bad effect that’s why people should expand their understanding and awareness relating to this plant before they decide to use salvia for just about any health problems.

Furthermore, you will find plenty of forums on the internet that really support claims of various individuals who have tested plant and experienced its healing benefits. Many Salvia Divinorum forums can be read and explored so that you’ll be able to gain more understanding and knowledge relating to this plant. Forums associated with Salvia Divinorum can supply you with several testimonies of people that have tried the plant to alleviate their health condition.  You might even find a person with an exactly the same situation as you and share information about how you should use Salvia Divinorum to improve your particular medical problem.

Scientists claim that there’s a lot of evidence pointing the use of salvia as therapeutic.  They believe that drugs derived from the plant can be useful in treating an array of diseases: Alzheimer’s, depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain and even AIDS or HIV.  Dr. Karl R. Hanes, author of the book “Handbook of Modern Drugs” describes plenty of effective end result of Salvia Divinorum if this involves people struggling with severe depression. Dr. Hanes expressed concerns about the legal legislations banning Salvia Divinorum would negatively impact his study relating to its advantageous effect.

This ancient plant which thrives on the highlands of Oaxaca Mexico is traditionally used by shamans regarding it as an act of divination and spiritual practice as well as its healing qualities that can cure certain maladies such as headaches, stomach cramps, common colds, diarrhea, migraines, sore throat and much more. The encounters and testimonies of the natives from Mexico lay enough evidence to prove the medicinal value of Salvia Divinorum.

Diviners’ Sage: Herb of Healing and Divination

Salvia Divinorum is a genus of Sage which is a member of the Lamiaceae family of plants (originally called Labiatae).  It also includes some common herbs as oregano, thyme and basil and many other ornamentals. Since Sages are part of the mint family, Salvia Divinorum is sometimes called as a mint or Mexican Mint due to its Mexican origin.

For ages mainly of the world’s civilizations have make the most of a variety of herbs to assist a divine connection. By tradition Salvia Divinorum is mainly used to initiate and facilitate shamanic practice by Mazatec Indians of the Sierra Mazateca region of Oaxaca, Mexico. They call it by a number of names, most commonly ‘Ska Maria Pastora’ or ‘leaves of the Virgin Mary, the Shepherdess’. Aside from being used as a tool for divination like finding lost objects, Salvia Divinorum is also used in healing rituals and for treating common ailments such as headaches, migraines, stomach upsets, constipation, diarrhea, colds, sore throats.

Interpreted, the biological name of Salvia Divinorum is “Sage of the Diviners” or “Diviners’ Sage” which is the literal term of method implied on how the Mazatec Indians of the Northern Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico have utilized it for hundreds of years because of its ability to supply an experience which has been illustrated as a divine state of consciousness.

From the studies that have been done on Salvia Divinorum, it was found to have incredible benefit in the aid of many health problems.  Also, it is used to effectively lessen depression. A lot of other medical possibilities lay unexplored up till now.  Pharmaceutical companies are trying to produce a non-hallucinogenic version of Salvanorin A that contain psychotherapeutic compounds which could treat disorders portrayed by perceptual distortions such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, dementia and bipolar disorders. It is revealed that Salvia Divinorum is the sole source of Salvinorin A  which is also the only diterpenoid compound known to act at the kappa opioid receptors of the brain and possibly propose hope for use as an anaesthetic especially for those usually allergic to existing medicines.

Although the information related to Salvia – the legal hallucinogen is quiet constrained but this doesn’t stop people to venture the drug and taste its pleasures.

My Salvia Experiences (Advice Please)

I have taken salvia on 4 occassions which i’ll describe in as much detail as possible below, i havn’t broken through on any occassion and would really like to know why, and what i can do to ensure i will definatly break through.

On every occassion except my voice was affected, and to me sounded very dry, and high pitched, and conversation was very difficult to maintain.
Every occassion that laughter occured the laughter was uncontrollable and in my mind felt like it would never stop, any attempt to purposly stop the laughter resulted uncontrolled drooling and continued to burst into further laughter, as far as i can recall only once has this resulted in a feeling of fear, i can’t explain why.

1. 20x Salvia
We rolled the salvia into salvia spliffs (unknowledgable as to the right methods at this time) after having the spliff roughly 30s after finishing it, i felt a compulsion to sit followed by a force pulling me to sit, after this i sat with my head in my hands in a bus stop for another 30s upon which i can only describe as a “fantasia-style” laughter occured which lasted consistently for roughly 10 mins.

2. 40x Salvia
On this occassion i piped the salvia, and killed the gram. This time i feel as though it was the closest to breaking through that i got. I felt a distortion of time and reality, the world was still exactly the same except very blurry, and speech became stuttered and droned. Friends were trying to talk to me, however their speech sounded like they were shouting at the top of their voices, and i was grabbed a few times by them which felt like what i can only described as mechanical “extendo-arms” similar to dr. octopus, and it was as though they were hundreds of meters away. Again there was no visionary effect observed.

3. 20x Salvia
This was used 3 times during a festival, again piped. the first and second hits were exactly the same. It was very difficult to focus on everything as the world was just spinning, whilst this occured i felt forces against me from all directs and as though i was falling alongside the earths rotation. On the 3rd occassion i can’t say whether i did or did not breakthrough, it was abour half a bowl, however i had also taken a legal ectacy before…anyway…this time, i felt absolutly nothing at all from the salvia other than a little lightheadedness, however when i went into the arena i was wearing a morphsuit and i did hallucinate but only when the mask of the suit was pulled up, were i felt forces trying to pull my face in opposite directions and everyone had an crude outline similar to the crap drawings of early cartoons, this appearance covered the outline of their body, legs hands ect… but also facial features.

4. 20x Salvia
On this attempt, i killed 3 bongs of the salvia, i can only describe another laughter filled experience however whenever i tried to fight against the laughter i felt a force dragging me on a rusty track-like path, during this experience i felt as though there was something not quite right, as though there was something blocking me, like a closed window or a gate, and i felt as though there was something more to salvia that i couldn’t quite get to, i came to the conclusion that the laughter was a result of my mind not being able to comprehend “true” reality and untill i could accept this the salvia could not open up and reveal its full potential to me.

i tried as best as possible to express my experience, as difficult for me as it was i hope its easy for you to understand, advice would be much appreciated on how to help me breakthrough, as since my final experience the conclusion has lead me to finally chase up and unlock salvia.

Miley Cyrus and Salvia

Miley Cyrus has a new video out — and in it she’s smoking from a bong at her L.A.-area home five days after her 18th birthday in November. The herbaceous culprit? Allegedly not pot, but salvia.

More on salvia later.

In the video, taken by a friend who wanted to “document the [heck] out of this” and posted by TMZ, Cyrus goes from “having a little bit of a bad trip” to laughing her butt off to, well, acting pretty much like an idiot. You know that laugh? Yeah, there’s that laugh.

“Is that a … Liam lookalike or what?” she asks. “Is that my boyfriend?”

Um, no, Liam Hemsworth does not appear to have been in the house.

Keeping with the relaxed vibe, the Eagles’ “Take It Easy” — which we hear is a big hit with the kids these days? — can be heard in the background.

Salvia divinorum, an herb with hallucinogenic properties, is legal to buy and possess in California, as is marijuana, for those with a prescription. (We’ll have to get back to you on whether tobacco smoking is still legal in the Golden State, however. Depends on the city.)

“That this drug is legal is shocking,” drug-abuse expert Howard C. Samuels told The Times in 2008. “I find it especially disgusting that kids can leave high school on their lunch hour and go to a head shop and get it.”

Samuels said that salvia’s brief high, which includes hallucinations (apparently that one’s on-again, off-again boyfriend has shown up at the party?), can leave users upset and contribute to preexisting emotional problems.

In July 2008, California prohibited the possession of salvia divinorum by minors.

“Take It Easy” has been around since 1972; Miley has been around since 1992.

First Real Salvia Trip

Last year, age 17, I used salvia for the first time. I read up on the effects, no videos. Anyways I bought it myself underage when i was visiting for a family reunion. When everyone went to bed around 11pm me and my cousins headed across the road to the other end of a apple tree orchard where we smoked.
We were sitting in the dirt and I was first to go, I passed the bong away, held in till i needed to breathe. by this time I felt the tingling and when I looked over to my cousins I hallucinated them laughing hysterically right at me. I went out of body, falling forwards and could see myself and my cousins sitting there from 20 feet away… I thought it would never end and this would be it. They were also talking and I began trying to merge two of the words they spoke. To be..tobe..toby… anyways i was unconciously mumbling this and making no sense. right after i NEEDED to go somewhere. told my cousins i had to go and took off running down a lane of apple trees. I couldnt make out the trees much since i was running in the dark tripping balls and the nearly full moon was over head. That image will stay in my head forever…anyways The vison kicked in, i was a farmer boy running to my farm house for dinner. my “mom” was calling me dinner i suppose so I began yelling im coming or something but my cousins told me I was off in the orchard yelling like a retard… i dont remember it or i cant say yes i was yelling…just calling for my mom in the dreamstate. after what felt like an hour of running endlessly down this repeating orchard i began to come back…noticed a branch with an apple sticking out… i veered towards it and the the bounced off of my forhead. yes that was an apple i thought.
once i got to the road and could see the house I thought… what the… holy fuck howd i get over here. I… Im suposed to be back there with my cousins right? so I begin my trek to the back and yelled “you guys there” not knowing if they had left. they replied and i felt a lot better. still coming down i didnt want to talk about how my trip went because i didnt know what happened. the usual come down i supose. they went next but didnt trip as hard. probably got scared from watching me since they’ve only used salvia once before in smaller doses.
Ive tried salvia in lower doses since this and i still get that feeling i need to do something. its very very overwhelming. i must go somewhere. i cant understand it and I cant find any info about it.

HOLY S@&T Salvia

First I had no idea what to expect, I was thinking some killer bud like from Amsterdam. As I held it in, I remember telling my two boys, it taste like leaf from homegrown stashes. Then I began to fall backwards, not sure if I was faking it playing around cause my one boy was waving his hands joking ohhhh we gonna trip.. blah blah..

Then my friend who had the stuff, grabbed me, held me up and said it was cool, I literally felt as if my bones were melting out of my body. I could feel the sticks on my arms, so weird.

Then I stood up and we were in a shed, I walked to the outside, walked back inside and I thought I was getting kicked out of my own freaking head, that the other two guys were some sort of operators of my body and that since I cracked the experience, they were saying, let him go, as I walked outdoors..

When I came back in, there was sawdust on the ground and I looked closely and I thought it was a sea of mini people, chanting my name as I looked closely I actually picked on of them up… then I stood up and then I came back slowly…

Amazing intense experience, Im not into tripping at all, but this experience was nuts.. Very interesting out of the body experience

First Salvia Experience

First experience took place at my dads on the side of his house. It was a nice sunny day.

I have had previous experiences with mind altering drugs but I wasn’t expecting anything this good…especially knowing it was legal too.

Tried a couple hits with just salvia leaves and didn’t experience much. After the 3rd hit I could tell there was a slight difference in colors within my surrounding. Everything looked a little more vivid.

Its not until I took the hit of my 10x supply. I used a butane lighter which I read was the way you were suppose to do it. After holding it in for about 25 seconds I blew it out. As I began setting the bong down I could tell my depth perception was off. The grass seemed farther away which made it slightly harder setting the bong down.

After the bong was safely on the ground I leaned back knowing something was off. When I opened my eyes suddenly everything turned into a comic book. The trees and bushes in front of me began opening up. I began feeling a pressure pushing me to the left until I was eventually all the way on the ground. I stayed there for the majority of my trip.

It felt as if I was 4 feet below the surface…gazing up at my dad sitting on the edge looking down at me with his camera. I tried pulling myself up but it was no luck. The gravity sensation was just too strong.

I clearly remembering seeing about 5-6 people standing near my dad watching me. I would later find out this is what salvia users call “watchers.” And they were doing just that. Watching me and slightly mumbling among themselves.

Off and on during the trip I was in tears laughing!

The trip lasted strong for about 5 minutes. Afterwards I started sweating and sat piecefully pondering what just happened.

I will definetly try salvia again. I don’t know if I’m ready for 15x or 20x yet. I can see how potent this stuff can be and how far it can seperate you from this waking reality. The only part I didn’t like was feeling tired afterwards. I mean REALLY TIRED…I slept for a good 4 hours afterwards and felt still slightly drained when I woke up.

has anyone else experienced this tiredness afterwards…any recommendations?

I’ve searched high and low for negative effects on Salvia and I have never read or heard of anyone getting quite as tired as me after their trip.

If you would like to see my 10 minute Salvia video:

Go to youtube.com

Search: Greenalke1

Click on “first salvia trip 5x”

(When I made the video I thought it was 5x I had…later I would come to realize it was 10x I had for my first trip)