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My Salvia Experiences (Advice Please)

I have taken salvia on 4 occassions which i’ll describe in as much detail as possible below, i havn’t broken through on any occassion and would really like to know why, and what i can do to ensure i will definatly break through.

On every occassion except my voice was affected, and to me sounded very dry, and high pitched, and conversation was very difficult to maintain.
Every occassion that laughter occured the laughter was uncontrollable and in my mind felt like it would never stop, any attempt to purposly stop the laughter resulted uncontrolled drooling and continued to burst into further laughter, as far as i can recall only once has this resulted in a feeling of fear, i can’t explain why.

1. 20x Salvia
We rolled the salvia into salvia spliffs (unknowledgable as to the right methods at this time) after having the spliff roughly 30s after finishing it, i felt a compulsion to sit followed by a force pulling me to sit, after this i sat with my head in my hands in a bus stop for another 30s upon which i can only describe as a “fantasia-style” laughter occured which lasted consistently for roughly 10 mins.

2. 40x Salvia
On this occassion i piped the salvia, and killed the gram. This time i feel as though it was the closest to breaking through that i got. I felt a distortion of time and reality, the world was still exactly the same except very blurry, and speech became stuttered and droned. Friends were trying to talk to me, however their speech sounded like they were shouting at the top of their voices, and i was grabbed a few times by them which felt like what i can only described as mechanical “extendo-arms” similar to dr. octopus, and it was as though they were hundreds of meters away. Again there was no visionary effect observed.

3. 20x Salvia
This was used 3 times during a festival, again piped. the first and second hits were exactly the same. It was very difficult to focus on everything as the world was just spinning, whilst this occured i felt forces against me from all directs and as though i was falling alongside the earths rotation. On the 3rd occassion i can’t say whether i did or did not breakthrough, it was abour half a bowl, however i had also taken a legal ectacy before…anyway…this time, i felt absolutly nothing at all from the salvia other than a little lightheadedness, however when i went into the arena i was wearing a morphsuit and i did hallucinate but only when the mask of the suit was pulled up, were i felt forces trying to pull my face in opposite directions and everyone had an crude outline similar to the crap drawings of early cartoons, this appearance covered the outline of their body, legs hands ect… but also facial features.

4. 20x Salvia
On this attempt, i killed 3 bongs of the salvia, i can only describe another laughter filled experience however whenever i tried to fight against the laughter i felt a force dragging me on a rusty track-like path, during this experience i felt as though there was something not quite right, as though there was something blocking me, like a closed window or a gate, and i felt as though there was something more to salvia that i couldn’t quite get to, i came to the conclusion that the laughter was a result of my mind not being able to comprehend “true” reality and untill i could accept this the salvia could not open up and reveal its full potential to me.

i tried as best as possible to express my experience, as difficult for me as it was i hope its easy for you to understand, advice would be much appreciated on how to help me breakthrough, as since my final experience the conclusion has lead me to finally chase up and unlock salvia.