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Buy Salvia to Better Yourself for the Impending 2012 Shift.

There is no better time than now to buy Salvia now that 2012 is getting closer.  The predictions of the great Aztec peoples are relatively near and many people are trying to find their place in this coming shift by seeking enlightenment.

Seeking enlightenment is not something that is new:

Though it is not a new notion to travel the paths to enlightenment, it is gaining a far greater examination by a larger portion of the populace.  Many people believe that all the Aztecs meant in their predictions was that more people would be seeking spiritual enlightenment then ever before.  While others feel that there was more to the Aztec’s forethoughts than simply more seekers.

There is no sure way to definitively proclaim what the Aztec’s 2012 predictions mean for mankind, but one thing for certain.  No matter what happens those that gain enlightenment now are bettering themselves spiritually.  This is probably why more people today buy Salvia than ever before.

You will need to do more than just going to buy Salvia:

Those that buy Salvia thinking that it will be a magic bullet to gain true spiritual enlightenment might be a little disappointed to find out that they will also need to work on enlightenment.  Enlightenment usually doesn’t just happen.  True enlightenment also requires other types of spiritual practices.

One simple practice that anyone just starting out on their spiritual path can do is to simply meditate or begin some other type spiritual and physical practice like yoga.  This is the first thing I tell anyone who asks me how they can add more connectedness with our world to their life.

Many of the greatest spiritual teachers spent hours upon hours meditating and studying various types of spiritual workings.  Though many of them had great success just doing these simple workings, many people today need a little help breaking down the barriers in our minds that we have built up for generations.  This is where I would advise them to buy Salvia and add it to their workings.

The Aztec shamans also had barriers to get past:

The Aztec also knew that it could be difficult to breakdown these barriers which is why they readily used Salvia when they were first learning how to reach the spirit realms.  Salvia has an innate connection with this world and the spirit realm and can help the seeker learn how to travel between the two.

Buy Salvia to shine a light on your path to the spirit realm:

If you have been trying to open up your mind to the spirit realm, or want to, and feel that you have barriers that seem to obfuscate your way, it might be time to buy Salvia to combine with your other practices.  Salvia just might be the best way for you to clearly see your enlightened path for the coming changes that 2012 will usher in.

Buy Salvia and Other Herbs to Gain Control of Your Spirit Workings

Whether you buy Salvia to have out of body experience or as a way to enter the astral plane and commune with the spirits, there are other mystical herbs that you can combine with it to enhance the effects.  One such herb is known as The Leaf of God or Calea Zacatechichi by its scientific name.

Like many types of herbs that spiritual seekers have used over the years, Calea Zacatechichi has been said to help those that ingest it open their mind to other dimensions.  Calea Zacatechichi particularly has been said to aid the seeker in understanding their dreams with greater depth.

A short background of Calea Zacatechichi:

The indigenous Chontal medicine men of Mexico used to use Calea Zacatechichi as a way to gain clarity of the senses.  If they needed to consult the dream world to divine the cause or location of someone they would take a bit of this herb and dream the answers they were seeking.  These medicine men would also use Calea Zacatechichi as a way to divine the cause or location of illnesses affecting those in their tribe.

The effects of Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi are immeasurable and legal:

When added to your spiritual working with Salvia the experience can sometimes be much clearer.  This added clarity can usually help the seeker to better control their out of body experience.  Where Salvia has been known to help the seeker separate their mind from their body, the Leaf of God can help you focus your intent during your working.

Both Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi are legal in most countries and neither of these spiritual herbs contains nicotine, nor are they habit forming.  Simply put, these special herbs together are an easy way to expand your spiritual workings without the side effects associated with other types of herbs that are regulated.

A simple exercise to buy Salvia and the Leaf of God:

One fun exercise that anyone can do to fully understand the magical effects associated with Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi is to add them to your divination workings.  Start with a small amount of both herbs and a deck of Tarot cards.

Do a Tarot reading just like you would normally after the Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi have started to take effect.  Meditate on the cards for as long as you feel you need to and then go to bed as you would normally do.

Most people that do this simple exercise will have powerful dreams that can help them understand the results of the reading far more than they ever thought possible. This just might be the best way to understand your place in this world and how the cards could lead you on your life’s path.  Luckily you can buy Salvia with Calea Zacatechichi together at Salvia Dragon and start your exercise in just a few days.

Buy Salvia And Shine A Spiritual Spotlight On Your Reading

Combining various spiritual practices with herbs is not new, but you should buy Salvia and see just how different your workings can be.  Even simple practices, like tarot workings, can be dramatically enhanced by adding Salvia.

I never thought about trying Salvia as a way to gain better understanding from my tarot readings, though I have to say, that this mystical Aztec herb allowed me to separate my lust of result from my reading.  I was able to understand exactly what the cards were trying to tell me, with no preconceived notions to pollute the reading.

Salvia added the spirit guide I believe I was always missing:

It was as if some force on the astral plane was drawing the cards and the spirits of the universe whispered in my ear what it all meant.  I was able to see past what some would say are the bad the cards or the good cards, and see just how they related to my life.  I gained clearer understand as to which paths I should take and was completely free from judging any of the readings personally.

Was this how the Aztec learned so much about the future?

This might be how the Aztec shamans were able to gain such profound insight in to the future of humankind.  Was there some type of diviner’s cards used by the Aztecs to predict the future?  No one knows, but I do know for certain that I experienced clear visions into my life’s path.

Combining Salvia and other tools:

Now there might be other great divination tools to use with Salvia and that is why I am going to buy Salvia again, so that I can see which tools might work better.  My next working is going to be with the I Ching and then I think it might be time to try Runes.

What I am most curious about, is whether there will be different spirits that will come forward to help me with my reading.  If I am using Chinese tools will the spirits that assist me be Asian?

I hope that these workings will help to get a perspective from different spirit realms to see if the 2012 predictions stretch across all belief systems.  If so, then we should really start to prepare for the predicted shift that the Aztec detailed generations ago.

There is no better way to see for yourself, buy Salvia and stop wondering:

If you want to expand your reading to other types of spiritual workings, you should buy Salvia and see if this powerful spiritual herb can help you get the answers you seek.  With just a few clicks, Salvia Dragon can send you the best Salvia for your spiritual workings.

Salvia Helped Me Learn How 2012 Would Change Mankind

As a Wiccan High Priest, I have devoted years of study to the inter-realms of my conscious mind, but there always seemed to be something that blocked my path.  Countless ritual workings to remove these roadblocks seemed to have little effect, until I added Salvia to my practices.

Salvia is not a drug; it is a powerful spiritual development tool:

The ancient masters knew a little something about traveling in the inter-realms and it took years of studying several of these great teachers to gain the stepping stones necessary to journey freely there.  Over the years I tried several different techniques, from various forms of meditation to fasting and intense yoga workings.

I even tried some of the Black Arts to help me bust through the blockings of my ego.  One thing I always refused to do was to take drugs as a means to spiritual development.  This unfortunately kept me from also adding to my workings some the most powerful spiritual herbs known to man.  I was afraid that I would pollute my body and thereby I would be violating the cardinal laws of the spirit world.

It was not until I started to study the coming new age of 2012 and the Aztec beliefs that I learned how helpful some spiritual herbs like Salvia can be.  The Aztecs would use it to teach their shamans how to travel in the inter-realms, so I thought I could at least try it once.

My Salvia working:

My first attempt was not very noteworthy, but during my brief journey I was quickly able to learn how to travel in the inter-realms.  Though my path to true enlightenment was still blocked, I was able to divine a method of finally breaking through the roadblocks.

My second attempt was life changing to say the least.  I was able to freely sidestep my ego and open a door to anywhere my mind wanted to travel.  Time and space were not a factor, nor was earth’s physical laws.  The Goddess of my universe told me secrets that I promised to protect from the profane, and I owe it all to Salvia and the great Aztec masters.

With Salvia you too can get the answers you seek:

If you are wondering how you can get the answers to the universal and ancient questions, so you can be prepared for the coming changes, then it is time to visit the Goddess of your inter-realm.  As I can attest to, getting there can be difficult and might require some help.

Do not wait for the coming new age of man to force you to change, order Salvia today and let this mystical herb help you find the answers you seek.  Only Salvia Dragon can send you the best Salvia the world has to offer.

Salvia Changed How I View My Life’s Spiritual Journey

Countless people for centuries have used Salvia to expand their conscious minds into the universal realms around each and every one of us.  These out of body experiences can be obtained without the use of special spiritual herbs, but that can sometimes take years of intense study and practice.

I was one of those individuals that spend several years of my life studying yoga, meditation, and even magick, but something always seemed to block me from the true states of enlightenment.

I needed a breakthrough and Salvia gave me that:

The unfortunate side effect of all of my years of trying to reach that perfect state of consciousness was added frustration.  I read countless accounts of the world’s great visionary travelers and could never quite get to the levels that I was reading about.  I was not really into taking illegal substances because they would pollute my experience from the get go.

It was not until I tried Salvia that I was able to really learn how to control my travels in the unseen realms.  It took some time, but after a few tries I was quickly able to expand my mind and open up doors to places that I had only ever read about in books.

What I like the most about Salvia is that there were no ill effects afterward.  Because Salvia does not contain drugs like nicotine, there was no need to worry about it being habit forming.

Without Salvia I was barely able to get through the doors:

All in all, what Salvia helped me do, was to easily take my spiritual journey to a whole new level.  I first tried Salvia with simple meditation and was able to get my bearings while learning to control the visions.  Later I added some ceremonial workings with ritual magick.  Not only was I easily able to walk the astral planes, I was able to alter them how I saw fit.

These workings with Salvia have changed my core beliefs in how one should go about their spiritual workings. Now I can see why Salvia was used by Aztec shamans to train aspiring shamans for generations.

It is time to see for yourself what Salvia can do for your workings:

If you have been trying to get your spiritual working to the next level and have seemed blocked or stalled for some reason, try Salvia and see for yourself what this mystical herb can do.  There is no better place to get the best Salvia than at Saliva Dragon.

Without Salvia My Spiritual Development Was A Bit Stalled

If you are like me, you have tried all types of techniques to attain spiritual enlightenment, but it took the help of Salvia to finally breakdown the unconscious barriers that were holding me back.  Looking back I realize that I should have tried this amazing spiritual herb, years ago.

Where my spiritual path started:

I first started to try to open my mind to the universe around me when I was in my early twenties.  I practiced yoga and even learned several methods of meditation designed to open my conscious mind to my inner-self.  These early experiments in conscious building were helpful beyond words.

Later I learned various types of ceremonial Magick techniques designed to help me learn to travel in the astral planes.  All of these techniques were very helpful.  Unfortunately, something always kept me from truly being able to open up and achieve the states of consciousness that the great shamans and magicians have written about for centuries.

What I needed was to add a spiritual herb to my workings:

That is when I decided to try some of the herbs that have been used for generations by shamans to help them open up to the universe around us.  After a bit a research, I ordered some Salvia online and in a few days, I was ready to pick up my spiritual workings from a completely new angle.

The results were amazing!  Never had I been able to travel deeper into the astral planes and control the experience.  With the help of Salvia, I was able to push the envelope and breakthrough the barriers that had held me back in the past.

After my first spiritual working with Salvia, I was able to take my conscious mind to new levels and open up more than I had ever been able to in the past.  That evening I also had the most amazing lucid dream experience of my life.  If you have ever wanted to experience what the greatest shamans in history have known for generation, then you should add Salvia to your spiritual workings.

My body is my temple:

I am not a smoker and I believe that my body is my temple, so I do not want to put toxins in my body, which is why I like Salvia.  Salvia is not a drug, and it contains no nicotine, it is simply a spiritual herb that can help you open your mind to the universe around all of us.

If you have found that your spiritual development is stalled, then it might be time to add Salvia to your workings.  To find the best quality Salvia, as well as other spiritual herbs, then let Salvia Dragon help you open your conscious mind to the universe around you.

Title: Salvia divinorum: a herb with immense

medicinal potentials

Salvia divinorum is a kind of herbal plant comes under the family of Lamiaceae and is well known because of its potential in helping people to meditate and self-reflect. Additionally, it has healing property as well. This plant primarily found in Mexico and have a hallucinogen effect on human being thus helping them in meditation and self reflection. Researchers have found that presence of a compound named as salvinorin A is the key player for the hallucinogen effect. In earlier days, the presence of this compound in the leaf of the plant mediated people to use the leaf for meditations. However, the doses that has been used for hallucinogen effect is important as higher concentration can cause an extreme state of hallucination. There are very least works have been reported and published till date depicting the bad or side effect of this herbal plant. However, there are at least 30 published works which have elucidated the good effect of this plant leaf extract thus gaining much interest among the students to be used as a drug for meditation. It has also been reported by the US government that many number of students from US buy this herbal plant product and use it. There are different brands which are available in US market that has been made using the dry leaf of the Salvia divinorum plant. Few of them are like Purple sticky, Magic mint and Diviners Sage etc. Use of such effective herbal plant helped lot of people to concentrate on a particular work and helped themselves to improve their work quality. Thus, this herbal plant should gain more interest and people should buy much of this herbal plant product to improve their work quality.

All About Salvia Divinorum Plants.

Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive herbaceous species in the world that is considered to be legal in certain countries. This species is a herb that can be used by chewing, inhaling (smoking). This is a herb that can be grown as an ordinary plant at home. It is a plant that can be grown at home as a decorative plant. It is mostly planted and cultivated for an aesthetic and landscaping purpose. This plant is called he Diviner’s sage since it is used in the divination and healing action or sessions. This plant requires a moist and a shady habitat for growing. This plant is given the name Divinorum after the psychoactive constituent it has in it called the Salvinorin A which is a diterpenoid. The use of this type of plants normally creates the calmness, increased mood which may be an unpleasant one. This plant has the potential as an analgesic. This is an exclusive therapeutic tool for the drug addict related treatment. Mostly these plants are included in the medical treatments that are done for the headaches, diarrhea, and rheumatism. This plant is generally considered to be the best psychoactive plant. They are neither a toxicant nor an addictive plant. Grown up for the ornamental needs at homes and medical needs at the farms.

Salvia Divinorum: The Diviners Sage

White sage, Diviners Sage, or Salvia as it is commonly known, is at the top of a recent controversy hitting the waves of video posting sites, namely YouTube. The plant, while you are able to smoke the leaves of it much like many other forms of tobacco like products, does not cause nearly the reaction the concentrated extract does. Buy Salvia in its more potent state, and you will be more able to judge the extent these formats have on those who smoke them.

These videos though have been showing the heightened state and reactions while being under the influence of this drug, as some are calling it. Though not a controlled substance as it is still readily available and legal, it is nonetheless potent. Some are upset due to its alleged contribution to the suicide of a teenager recently. While it may be a contributing factor in one isolated case, this herb has been around for a very long time used in religious practices of many native tribes. As would be expected, if you were interested in buying salvia divinorum, be careful, it is a powerful psychoactive, and some don’t handle it as well as others. And, always use common sense in anything you do.

State considers task forc on controversial substances.

Medical use of marijuana is legal in Hawaii so long as the patients or their primary caregiver grow it themselves. While there are no criminal penalties for using the substance in this manner, the state was going to push a bill into law for Hawaii to have a task force responsible for studying the obstacles that patients had to overcome in order to obtain marijuana, and also a second bill to study whether state should regulate the psychoactive substance Salvia Divinorum, or just Salvia as it is known. For those of you who don’t know about Salvia, it is a legal for the time being substance that you can buy with no legal repurcussions. You can buy Salvia at your local neighborhood head shop.
This bill for the marijuana task force and for the study of Salvia Divinorum was vetoed by Governor Linda Lingle, who believed that the state should not recommend ways to increase the production of medical marijuana and that Salvia should just outright be added to Hawaii’s list of illicit substances.
The veto for the medical marijuana task force was overridden by congress and the bill was signed into law.
Medical Marijuana laws have been controversial because of the conflict between the policies on the state and federal level.