I studied sciences when I was at University and I know just how frustrating collecting accurate data can be. It is no surprise to me that scientists sometimes break from their schedule to attempt to make light of a serious topic. It appears that this is what a group of scientists were all about when they penned the report which I have in front of me. The report tells me, no joking, that nearly 50% of the test subjects answered that they had experienced an increased feeling of connection to the Universe.

Serious study? Perhaps not.

But study of any kind into Salvia and its effects — serious or otherwise — is under jeopardy. If the government decides to carry out its threat and ban Salvia entirely then research like this will be over for ever. This would be the end of the promising researching aiming towards a more effective treatment for degenerative psychological diseases. It would cut the investigation of this prime area of research down in its prime.

This is just another attempt at removing the civil liberties for which we fought so hard; it is the thin end of a thick wedge that promises to rob us of our freedom.