Medical use of marijuana is legal in Hawaii so long as the patients or their primary caregiver grow it themselves. While there are no criminal penalties for using the substance in this manner, the state was going to push a bill into law for Hawaii to have a task force responsible for studying the obstacles that patients had to overcome in order to obtain marijuana, and also a second bill to study whether state should regulate the psychoactive substance Salvia Divinorum, or just Salvia as it is known. For those of you who don’t know about Salvia, it is a legal for the time being substance that you can buy with no legal repurcussions. You can buy Salvia at your local neighborhood head shop.
This bill for the marijuana task force and for the study of Salvia Divinorum was vetoed by Governor Linda Lingle, who believed that the state should not recommend ways to increase the production of medical marijuana and that Salvia should just outright be added to Hawaii’s list of illicit substances.
The veto for the medical marijuana task force was overridden by congress and the bill was signed into law.
Medical Marijuana laws have been controversial because of the conflict between the policies on the state and federal level.