I saw the results of an interesting test recently. The test was far from scientific in so many ways, but what it did was attempt to quantify just what it was that Salvia made you feel when you took it. Perhaps unsurprisingly to anyone that has tried Salvia more than once, the results were varied.

Some people thought that Salvia made their concentration decrease; others claimed that it actually increased concentration. Some felt relaxed while others ended up agitated. A lot of people claimed that Salvia helped to increase their feeling of connection with the Universe, but I’m really not sure what that means, so I won’t be reading too much into it!

The fact is that Salvia is a completely subjective drug; if you take it twice then you will have two different experiences. If you take it on your own you will have a different experience than what you would have if you were to take it with another person. The trip is affected by the amount you take and how quickly it affects you… and so on. I strongly suspect that if the respondents in this case were to undertake the interview after taking Salvia again then their responses would be completely different!