It is very rare that I read anything sensible about in the news. This week was an exception, and the Salmon Arm Observer gets my thumbs up.

The first point they make is very valid indeed: “Banning drugs gives gangsters another trade item”. Too true. People will still use Salvia, it is just that the sale will go from being openly over the internet or in high street shops to being controlled by gangsters and criminals.

Their next point is equally admirable:

Saliva is non-toxic, non-addictive, and nowhere near enough fun to be habit forming. It is yet to kill anyone, yet junk food kills many times more Canadians every year than all illegal drugs combined.

Likewise alcohol and nicotine, both of which remain illegal despite being more dangerous than Salvia.

This, as the paper wisely points out, is just more fear-mongering and propaganda designed to scare people into believing that the way to solve a drug problem is to make the drug illegal.

Those who think that drugs cannot help society, the article notes, should take half their CD collection and throw it away. The people that made that wonderful music were all largely on drugs, like it or not. When you throw into the mix the simple fact that scientists think they might be able to study more about the human mind using Salvia divinorum, then you really have got your hands on something that can actually make a difference.

To consider banning Salvia because it is dangerous simply defies logic, but it is a logic that most newspapers and media outlets fail to possess. It makes a refreshing change to see at least one article that sees past all the lies and misinformation and is able to interpret the bigger picture. Very well done and thank you to the Salmon Arm Observer in Canada.