Salvia – In street slang, “dosing” does not refer to the normal medical administration of measured amounts of a drug. Instead, the slang use of “dosing” is the dangerous and stupid practice of covertly administering a drug to an unsuspecting user. When mind-altering substances like psychedelics produce unpleasant experiences – “bad trips” or worse – the real cause is often not so much the drug itself, but “dosing.” 

Salvia – More recently, there has been concern about so-called date rape drugs, GHB for example, slipped into a woman’s drink to facilitate sex (of course, the most common date rape drug is simply alcohol).

Salvi during the 1960s, some proponents of LSD usage were so enthusiastic about its effects that they routinely offered strangers spiked drinks containing the drug. But it’s one thing for a fully informed emotionally mature adult to voluntarily take a drug. It is quite another when someone is “dosed,” and has effects mimicking a psychosis. The reckless abuse of LSD soon led to draconian criminal laws and suppression of research into potential beneficial effects of psychedelics.