some 40x and it blew me out of this world

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I recently got some 40x and it blew me out of this world. I smoked it out of a bubbler pipe and approximately took a little more than half a bowl, I layed down with my back propped up and my girlfriend held the pipe and I hit it and within a few seconds of taking the entire bowl it’s like I was launched downwards into a deep valley and was being pulled In all directions and was sporadically shot downwards like I was spiraling and my vision split in half into what seemed like infinite amount of of glimmering triangles lined side by side and they looked normal at first but faces would jump out at me and these were face of intense emotion all flashing before my eyes and these faces were me in the most intense moments of my life, intense happiness and bliss and beside it was the most extreme ravenous anger and faces of extreme sadness but it seemed like they were laughing at me in a demeaning demented way, the faces took up my entire vision and were rolling as if they were on tank treads, they knew I would be thrown back into this torturous reality after I came down, even though the trip wasn’t any better it was representing how I feel about this life and made me reflect a lot, the faces just reminded me that once this life is over I’ll be thrown back into reality to experience another life harder than the one before and it will continue forever and that’s why the faces were laughing, the rest of my trip was me being in a loop wondering if I’m going to really just be thrown back into the cycle of reincarnation forever while reality was folding on me with vibrant colors with outlines of what looked like faces of passed relatives going through pain, it wasn’t sad as it was uplifting the fact that these people went their entire life enduring what I’ve only endured a small amount of my life. This is my trip on 40x. peace – B. from WV

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