What is the ‘secret’ to smoking Salvia (Salvia Divinorum)? Well, there isn’t one really, and actually everyone will have their own favourite method. Obviously you have to start somewhere, though, and this short look at the techniques and equipment used in smoking Salvia may point you in roughly the right direction.

Your state of mind before you smoke Salvia will greatly influence the feelings and experiences that you have when you’re under the influence. For this reason it is important to find somewhere comfortable and quiet: this is your first time and you’re going to have enough trouble working out exactly what it is you’re meant to be feeling, without falling over balconies or running into the path of oncoming vehicles (or driving said vehicles. Don’t smoke and drive kids: not cool).

Are you sitting comfortably? Then you may begin. Fill a water pipe with cold water and fill the bowl with enough Salvia for one person (how much depends on how badly you want to get mashed and how strong the Salvia is). Light the Salvia and inhale away. Inhale as deeply and hold the smoke in for as long as you possibly can. Depending on how good you are at inhaling and holding your breath you will probably need two or three quick puffs before you start to feel any effects. Take a gulp of fresh air between Salvia hits otherwise you might pass out.

One piece I have read is to keep loading the pipe and taking hits until you can no longer see properly to reload. This, I understand, is a great way to see vivid hallucinations. It is also a good way to get completely off your face so I simply cannot advise doing that until you’re sure you know what you’re doing with Salvia Divinorum.

The trip will last around five minutes or so, so if you and a friend want to take it in turns you won’t be waiting too long in a non-stoned state. Obviously having a spotter is also much safer than doing it on your own (not that it’s particularly dangerous anyway).

However you choose to do it, stay safe, and enjoy it.