Salvia divinorum is an amazing herb initially recognized in a small Mexican town years ago. The herb has been used for a number of reasons. Usage has been primarily for its stress relieving and calming effects. While salvia divinorum is an interesting herb that offers magical effects to a person, the effects are usually short-term and mainly based on the potency and amount of herb consumed.

While there are a number of ways to consume this herb if you are a first-time user, smoking is the most ideal way to initially try this herb out. Other methods include making a tincture out of the plant extracts, using it by mixing with water, or by simply chewing the leaves of the plant. Different methods could result in different potencies which will eventually impact the intensity and duration of influence it has on the consumer.

An individual can use a water bong or a pipe to smoke salvia leaves. This is more or less done in the same way as tobacco and marijuana are smoked. Smoking the herb using a pipe or water bong helps in cooling the smoke, since the procedure requires heating salvia leaves on high temperature for releasing psychoactive compounds, known as Salvinorin A. The requirement of heating the leaves on high temperature usually leads to people preferring the use of torch lighter while smoking salvia divinorum. After harvesting the leaves, they are dried for a number of days before they are ready to be smoked.

Smoking salvia divinorum can lead to experiencing the instant effects of the psychoactive compounds of the plant. For the initial 5 minutes, people can experience intense impact before they start tapering off for the remaining 5 to 20 minutes. Salvia extracts and leaves come in different levels of potency. You can identify the level of potency through the indication of colors or ‘x’ mentioned on all salviaproducts you purchase.

Different levels of potency can produce varying levels of intensity when smoked. Thus, it is suggested for first-time smokers to start off with compounds of less potency, instead of jumping into high potency right off the bat. It is advised for new salvia smokers to progress with their blissful experience slowly and gradually until they consider themselves strong enough to deal with the effects of higher doses of salvia divinorum.