Many of you will know Salvia as Mom’s beautiful flowery sage plant from the backyard. But Salvia Divinorum is a potent shamanic herb which is legally used for spiritual and recreational purposes. The following are some of the FAQs that often pop up about this magical herb and its out-of-body effects.

Where to get it?

You can easily buy salvia online or from local head shops and some tobacco stores. If you want to take your search online, there are countless sites of suppliers who deal in the Salvia Divinorum plant and extract. Salvia Divinorum can also be found at stores that sell religious or wicken items.

Can a Person OD on Salvia?

As far as science goes, there is no way a person can overdose on Salvia, no matter how they use it. These claims have been identified by doing extensive research on rodents and various small animals. Even after being given huge amounts of Salvia Divinorum, the test subjects showed no negative side effects.

However, if you are new to using Salvia or haven’t used anything like it before, you’re probably not going to like it. The easy way to do it, is to start off with a low dose or extract and get the feel of it first before moving on to higher doses.

One way of measuring the dose before you buy salvia online is by reading the label of the Salvia extract, which is usually represented by 5X or 10X for extracts that are low in potency to 40X or 80X which means a high potency.

How to Light Salvia?

The type of lighter to use for burning the Salvia leaves or extracts is part of a huge debate. Normally, butane or wind proof lighters are far better in lighting up all the leaves, although some people would prefer using a Zippo which can take a bit longer.

How Long to Exhale?

As far as exhaling Salvia goes, keeping it in for about twenty seconds is enough, or you can hold it for as long as you can.