Despite the fact that Kratom is not very popular in the west, it is sold for its exotic effects worldwide through the internet.   Because Kratom provides a calm and relaxing feeling, more and more people are drawn to its use.   Some users suggest that it is useful in alleviating pain while many who believe in the use of alternative medicine consider it as a significant source of health giving herb.

There are many ways how to use Kratom.  In Thailand and Indonesia, fresh kratom leaves are usually chewed.   Dried leaves are often crushed into powder and then swallowed (although dried leaves can also be chewed, they are a bit tough compared to the fresh ones).  The powdered kratom can also be mixed with your favorite fruit juices.  Consuming kratom this way provides you a leisurely great tasting kratom experience.

Another perfect way how to use Kratom is tea is one of the most popular methods of consuming the herb.  This is mainly because most of the first-time Kratom users who want to get a taste of its exotic effects like to start their experience with it in a milder way first.  Also, to those who consume Kratom just for relaxation, this method is more convenient and time saving while enabling them to get more out of Kratom powder and leaves.

Some users use their kratom in cooking.  Most of the recipes include sauces and dips.  These are usually used during parties and group sessions.  Powdered form of kartom is utilized in making sauces and dips.

Smoking is also another convenient way of using kratom.   Although most of the users who prefer to smoke kratom are also smokers themselves, it has less effect compared to chewing and taking it as a beverage.

With so many ways on how to use Kratom for you to achieve the desired effects it is well known for, you’ll never be bored of having to use the same method over and over again.  Since the day it was discovered to give such exotic and excellent health benefits, many have come up with a variety of exciting and unique ways to consume Kratom.   The choice largely depend on your preference of using the product.