Secrets of Salvia

Salvia Divinorum is a herbal product known to the world for centuries. It was also known as ‘Maria Pastora’ and is now used across the world. Salvia is derived from ‘Salvere’, a Latin word meaning ‘to heal’. It is used for medical purposes as well as a ‘psychedelic’ agent to provide recreation, relaxation and spiritual development.

The Salvia is available in various forms. It is available in seeds form which contains a high amount of protein fibre rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These seeds can be consumed in the diet to provide protein supplement to the body. You can buy Salvia seeds from ‘Whole Foods’ who sell it under the name ‘Salba’, as a part of the mint family.

The other form of Salvia is available in oil extracted out of the herbs. The oil extract is heated in a blue flame with a lighter and the smoke emanating is inhaled and held inside as much as possible before releasing. The practice can be repeated number of times to achieve higher amount of psychedelic effects.

Various reports from users of Salvia extracts have indicated that it can produce out of world experience by its regular usage like fantasizing, peculiar dreaming, imagining extra terrestrial events, extreme calmness of the mind etc.

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