Scientists are really interested in the hallucinogenic Salvia for a wide variety of reasons: mostly though it is just because they don’t know much about it and it is the curiosity that drives them to want to know more.

One of the less scientific tests that I have seen recently revolves around the investigation of how people felt after the crazy Salvia trip had taken hold and then gone. The results were interesting and were most certainly varied.

Over 40% of respondents claimed an improved mood after the trip; 12% claimed an inability to concentrate properly, and a massive 47% of people interviewed claimed to have had increased insight and connection with the Universe. That certainly is interesting, but I’m not sure that it is something that I would want to define quantitatively in a scientific context.

There were an impressive number of positive benefits resulting from the use of Salvia and this makes a mockery – if a mockery were not being made already – of the claims by so many lobbyists and politicians that Sally D is dangerous. Not only is there absolutely no evidence to back this up at all, but the only evidence there is points to the contrary opinion!