Salvia Trips – We Invite you to share your experience with Salvia

Since we started years ago, we have received numerous emails from customers sharing their Salvia Trips and/or Salvia Experiences. Below is one of them.

Letter received from a customer:

I have smoked Salvia a few times when I was younger and didn’t know what the real purpose of it was.
I used it as a fun thing to do. But now years later I felt like it was calling me back and wanted me to truly understand and experience it. So I ordered it and received it rather quickly from Salvia Dragon. I went to my room, read the “how to use” part of the site and followed the instructions. Skipping ahead to the good stuff. I took a hit and held it in for about 20secs and I felt the same familiar feeling from years before. I exhaled and immediately took another hit. This one was a huge hit. I cleared the pipe and barely had time to put it down and exhale before I was taken on my trip…
The Room began to dissolve into a blackness. I was immediately taken to a place where there where a bunch of figures headed into a great bright tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a beautiful garden. Full of colors that I have never seen and can not describe though not for lack of trying. These figures all seemed happy and peaceful. I remember that I wanted to go with them I wanted to fill that happy an loved. But I couldn’t not. They said I could not go with them, I asked “why?” They pointed down and I could see my body lying on my bed. They said I couldn’t go because I still have my body and where they were going there was no coming back. I begged and begged and began to cry. I wanted to go so bad but they insisted that it wasn’t my time. That I would be able to go with them someday just not now. Then the garden began to go farther and farther away suddenly I was in a dark room there were leaky pipes on the wall. It was like a basement, I saw my father (who had passed) He showed me my life and showed me how all the things I do, such as Sex, eating, watching TV., playing games, all my emotions, everything were all just masks. They all existed to distract me and keep me from feeling what I should be feeling. Its kind of hard to explain but It was like our bodies are protecting us from feeling the sadness of not being able to be in that loving peaceful garden. So it creates all these situation to keep us busy while here on earth. I cried really hard.

Then I felt myself coming back down to my body. I opened my eyes which were soaked from my tears. I felt peaceful, like a huge burden had been lifted from me. My eyes still tear up when I think of that garden.

I can’t thank Salvia Dragon enough, for helping me get to that place that I will never forget.

We invite you to share you Salvia Trips / Salvia Experiences below! Relevant comments are welcome as well.