Nausea, extreme disoreintation, vomiting, and sometimes even death. These are the side effects of the drug Salvia that kids are now buying and smoking. If you think that is scary, wait until you hear this. Salvia is legal.

What is Salvia?

Most adults have not even heard about it but lots of kids have, especially after two users posted a video of themselves on YouTube smoking the dangerous drug. This video was reported to have been viewed more than half a million times! Salvia is an herb from Mexico that is sold on Ebay and even over the counter in Medford. It is also called Sally-D or Diviner’s Sage and is an extremely powerful drug that has been linked to at least one death. Some say it may even be more powerful than LSD causing users to experience hallucinations that are sometimes terrifying and even out-of-body experiences. It is sold in various strengths ranging in prices from $11.95 to $44.95. The effects of the “trip” last up to 10 minutes but the after effects of that can last as long as 30 minutes.

Kids who have used it reported having very scary out-of-body experiences, feeling like they had died, being unable to move, as well as other negative and scary effects. One user taped his friend, after smoking the drug, trying to climb out of the back window of a car. The word about Salvia is spreading and thankfully some things are being done about it. In 2006, this drug was banned in some parts of the U.S. after one teenager killed himself after smoking the drug. However, some are still purchasing the powerful drug online and smoking it not really knowing exactly what they are getting.