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Testimonials for Salvia Divinorum

What are other people saying about salvia?  Below you'll find an extensive list of positive testimonials for Salvia Divinorum.  We recommend you read a "experience report" on this page to get a full scope of what some users experience when using this potent out of body formula.

Salvia Dragon Customer Testimonials....

"I had just recently ordered your Salvia Dragon Extract and tried it for the first time tonight.  Let me tell you how amazing it was.  I never thought for a single second that it would work, but it worked just how you said it would.  I feel a bit "different" about things and life in general is looking a bit strange.  But it's a good feeling and I'm excited to try it again later on!"
-Thomas Peterson, Alaska

"Great stuff guys, worked like a charm! 
Why doesn't everyone
know about this stuff?"
-Greg Silver, North Carolina

"One of my most favorite times now is to get together with my friends and have little lucid dragon sessons..."
Peter Edison, PA

"It came earlier than expected and has got to be the best astral projectiont echnique Ive ever tried."
-Jay Conrad, LA California

"My instant results with Salvia Dragon 10x has inspired me to explore more and more of my own consciousness - so far it's been a wild and spiritually rewarding journey!"
-Misty Rollins, Alberta CANADA

"Hey Molly, just wanted to shoot you off a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the product.  It worked just like you said it would - customer for life!"
Reese K., Montana

"I finally overcame astral projection problem, thank you!"
-Robert Folsom, California

"I've smoked other salvia products before and this one is truly better.  The leaves fresher and the extract more potent than anything else I've smoked..."
-Jed Mantle, New York

"I had never experienced anything like it before.  After I realized what was going on, I composed myself and looked around.  I was in my old neighborhood from when I was a child!  With a little jump, I flew up over the roof of my old house and down into the backyard..."

"Trying Salvia Dragon 10x for the first time is an experience I will never forget!"
-Angel Nortiguess, Germany


Results of a Recent Customer Survey

Recently I asked one hundred of my most recent Salvia Dragon 10x customers how much they would pay for the package AFTER having the experience.  On a scale from $100 or less all the way up to $300 and up, here's what they said:

Survey Question:
"How much would you pay for the Salvia Dragon 10x experience
AFTER having tried the product?"

The Results:
AFTER having tried Salvia Dragon 10x the amount the
average user would gladly pay was

Anyone would agree, that's an outstanding figure!  Most agree that it's not a rare plant, or botanical they are purchasing, but rather a mind-altering change in perception.

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"...about 15 seconds of smoking it I closed my eyes to find myself in a completely new world, words cant discribe!"

"Molly, it's Tezia down here in missoui again - just wanted to let you know I received the package and the new batch looks great! Much anticipated, much anticipated..."
-Tezia Goodman, Missouri

"Normally I don't buy anything off the internet but this "luciddragon 5x" really peaked my interest so I gave it a try.  To say the least, I was very impressed..."
-Mike J., New York

"I simply love Salvia Dragon 10x!  Oh hey, my friends want to know where they can get a Lucid Dragon lighter like mine - what should I tell 'em?"
-Michelle Goeban

"...for nearly two days I stayed that way, simply stunned.  After my first out of body experience wiht Lucid dragon, my entire perspective on things have changed..."
-Carrie Jones, Colorado

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