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The Effects of Salvia and Experience Reports By Salvia Users

About a week later, a mysterious package arrived in the mail.  It was very odd looking, with all sorts of odd out of country stamps on it.  No surprise since it was shipped from the mountainous regions of Mexico (quite hard to find, and thus very expensive at that time).

Then I prepared a Salvia Infusion (tea) and packed some of the leaves into the bowl of a regular tobacco pipe, took a deep breath and hoped for the best....

I didn't even notice the transition at first.  It came on very quick and easy - very natural....

"My First Experience With Salvia Was...  Divine."

People say it all the time, but I finally experienced something that words cannot define.  It's not meant to be spoken, only felt.  And it's felt in your being like a change in perception...

It first felt like I was being lifted from my body, out the top of my head.  Not my vital body, but my spiritual light body - the vehicle of my consciousness.

After a dreamy like state where I visited a swing set from back in my child hood, I had a talk with an invisible entity that answered some of my questions...

I asked it things like, "Is this for real?" and "Why doesn't everybody stay in this state?"  Of course I asked, "What do I do with myself for the rest of my life?"

It might sound far-fetched, but I experienced immortality.  I felt what it's like to leave my body, and then re-enter it like it was a robot.  My body didn't feel like "me" - it felt like a bio-organic machine I could control and move around... make speak and sing if I wanted to, as well.

It ALL Became So Clear To Me!

After my first experience, it became quite clear that we are something very small... a unique point of consciousness controlling a large bio-machine for the purpose of interacting with and 'existing' in this material world.  Death doesn't exist, only 'moving on' and 'moving through' different planes of existence.

I finally verified for myself what the great men of all times, religion and ages have always said.  There is no death!  Time only exists in the material world.  And spirit is what we really are - an immortal, omnipotent spirit!

Very difficult to describe because it wasn't really an "experience" at all, but rather something so natural and uplifting I can only describe it as peaceful.

After that day, I began to call Salvia Divinorum "The Dragon" as typically they are a sign of Immortality, Wisdom and Power.  Each experience I have, doesn't leave me 'craving for more' by any means... but quite the opposite.

Today I don't recall what words were spoken between me and my spirit guide.  I do remember its voice being very deep, and harmonious... how I imagine God's voice to sound.  Since then we've spoke many other times through the Salvia induced state.  And each time it leaves me changed somehow.

"If I had to sum the experience up in a one word, the word would be peace...  peace from knowing everything is going to be alright - no matter what.  Fear comes from ignorance of the omnipotence of your true self.  Yee are truly Gods."

You see, Salvia leaves you feeling content, and peaceful.  Salvia is a fresh breath of spiritual air.  It leaves you with the spiritual guidance and strength you need to carry on in low energy world or material forms.

Today, I don't visit the Dragon very often.  Not because it isn't pleasurable, but simply because I don't feel the need.  I've learned so much from the Salvia experiences, the only thing left to do now is share it with others.

And that's why you are here now.  Because I was impacted so positively by this sacred plant I was compelled to share it.  It was like being told a precious secret... and for those ready to hear it - Salvia Dragon was created.

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These are just a handful of the hundreds of Salvia Divinorum reports that have been submitted by people all around the world!  Buy Salvia Here...


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What Experiences Might YOU Have Once You Realize Your Own Omnipotence?  Just Imagine!

You see, the Salvia experience differs for everyone and it's never the same.  The spiritual and astral realms are infinitely more powerful than the physical realm, so there's no telling what you might encounter or experience!

Only 24 laws govern the Astral World.  For starters, there is no gravity.  And since there is no gravity, there are no restrictions to time/space.  If you can think it, and have the creative energy to manifest it, the world around you changes instantly.  Objects are made of lifetrons, and light -- not dense physical matter like on earth.  Salvia Divinorum can do that.

Do you want to taste an apple on the astral plane?  There is no need to drive to the local "astral grocery store".  Nope, not here.  Rather you simply ask a fruit tree to produce one and pick the most delicious red apple you can imagine.

  • What might you look like once you find yourself in the Astral World?
  • What do you WANT to look like?
  • Can you imagine where you would go first???

It's true, the law of gravity does not exist in the astral world.  Flying in the astral plane is as easy as breathing.  Salvia can prove it. Buy Salvia Here...

Many techniques exist for actually taking flight in the astral.  I personally start with what looks like a plane taking off. 

I run as fast as they can and jump with the intention of taking off.  Typically I don't go very high at first... I had to learn.

But, here's a tip!  You who want to soar above the clouds in the astral world... relax.... Just like in water (which the astral fluid is very much alike), a tense body sinks like a rock.  While one relaxed and filled with air easily floats on the surface with little effort. 

The tip to success in the physical world, and in the astral world, is to learn to totally relax.

Relax and you'll sustain your astral experience longer.  Relax and you'll sustain your physical life much longer.  Breath slowly... deeply... and just relax.  =)

Take a moment-for-yourself and think about it...

Can you imagine being weightless, not imprisoned by a heavy body?

We've created a deep relaxation CD just for this reason... it's called "Astral Projection MP3" and you can get it free (see below).

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  • Is it dangerous?

  • And the answers to more popular questions.

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Salvia Effects - Wonderful Mind Altering Natural Herb

Salvia effects probably are the main reason why people choose it amongst the many popular legal highs in the market. While Salvia is famed for its one of a kind experience and great psychoactive results, the plant was originally employed by Mazatec Shamans for hundreds of years for several practices which include divination rituals and healing. It is for this reason that it is called the Divinerís Sage.

Because Salvia is completely legal in most parts of United States as well as other places worldwide, there is no reason for you not to try it out. Some prefer to smoke dried Salvia leaves while others like to chew it fresh. Either way, youíll get the same milder high for these are the most convenient and common ways to consume Salvia. Still some people prefer making tea from it, which is also one great recreational way of consuming the product. The salvia effects are mainly due to the extremely potent compound found in Salvia: Salvanorin A which is responsible for these psychedelic salvia effects. Depending on what you like, you may buy Salvia extracts in a variety of concentrations. You can start with Salvia 10xand gradually increase the dosage up to 60x or even 80x for an extreme experience.

Although using Salvia could make you achieve an extremely out of the world experience, it is always a good idea to have somebody to take care of you during your Salvia trip. Salvia induces a wide range of powerful trips which can start from mild experience to a pretty extreme one. While most stunning visions and hallucinations tend to last merely a few minutes, the user makes a full recovery to conscious reality in about 10 to 15 minutes. Most common salvia effects include laughter, spectacular sights of an alternate reality, past memory recall, time travel, feeling of merging with material objects, a state of confusion with overlapping reality, and sexual stimulation, among others.

Salvia is a pure natural herb that can help you achieve wonderful sensations and elevated spiritual discovery. The key benefit of salvia effects is the personalized psychedelic experience it provides. Try out Salvia and see for yourself why this product is on the rave. You will soon discover a wonderful spiritual journey where you can experience the astral plane and the universe.

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