Salvia is the latest substance to find itself in the US legislator’s limelight: while the substance is very much alive and legal in many US states it is increasingly becoming the poster-child the youth drug culture. Whether it deserves this epitaph or not is a completely different matter.

Rick Doblin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is among those that reckon the authorities’ reaction to Salvia is over the top. It is not, he states, a “party drug”. Doblin goes on to state that it tastes terrible and is never going to be terribly popular.

Salvia’s popularity, though, is not in dispute. The numbers of punters ordering Salvia over the Internet are growing at an astonishing rate, with websites like set up purposefully to service this growing market. Part of the reason for the popularity is likely the largely legal status it enjoys unlike other hallucinogens like LCD and PCP.