I was trawling through some insane videos on YouTube recently when, to my shock and complete and utter horror, I spotted my daughter high on Salvia in one of them. I recognised a couple of her friends before I recognised her, but there she was, giggling like a maniac and making a fool of herself in front of the world.

Naturally I had to confront her about this.

Yes, she said, she regretted that the video had made its way onto YouTube; she did not, however, regret using Salvia to get high. Again, I was shocked as this simply wasn’t something that I expected from my daughter.

I told her that I’d seen all the bad press about Salvia and that, in my opinion, there was no smoke without fire (so to speak). In her opinion there was, and she had looked into the matter herself once her friends started smoking Salvia to check how safe it was. She told me that it was actually statistically safer than either alcohol or nicotine (and safer by quite some way) and that this research was the basis of her deciding to take the drug.

I respect my daughter as much as I hope she respects me, and I’m not one to dismiss her opinion on this outright, as much as I thought it to be rubbish. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and to go and do some of my own research into Salvia.

Well, what can I say? I always knew that my beautiful daughter was clever and resourceful, and she’s also quite often right. She was in this case.

I’m no longer worried about her smoking Salvia for the health reasons: any doom saying on behalf of the media is just there to improve their potential for a good story. Salvia seems to be completely safe and there have been no deaths reported where Salvia has been the major contributing factor.
I still don’t like the fact that she was on YouTube, but at least I can rest safe knowing she’s not going to kill herself.