People who have never bought drugs before sometimes get a little confused about exactly how much Salvia they are buying from their supplier. This is especially the case when the supplier is an online distributor; the first time you’re away that you’ve bought too much is when the massive parcel arrives in the post! You’re going to have to be pretty dedicated to smoke all that before your parents get back!

Salvia is quite often sold in ounces, and once ounce will provide between 100 and 200 dried leaves depending, naturally, on the size of the leaves from the plant. Dried leaves are considerably lighter than fresh ones.

Choosing the right amount of Salvia to use for your trip is the key to getting a good Salvia experience. The quid method requires between 2 and 10 grams, depending on the desired strength (start small and build up is the obvious advice: you can always add more for a stronger trip, but if you dive in with too high a dose it may scare you and put you off). If you’re doing the math then you’ll see that, for an ounce, you’ll be getting anywhere between 3 and 14 doses.

The leaves are very, very dry and not particularly tasty. To make the quid method a little easier you’re best off leaving the leaves in some water for 5 or 10 minutes so that they can rehydrate effectively.

Use Salvia Divinorum responsibly.