Salvia divinorum is a strong psychoactive drug, which can cause hallucinations to whoever consumes it. Salvia is naïve to Mexico and is more popularly found in areas of the Sierra Mazatec in Oaxaca. Traditionally, Salvia was prescribed at a low dosage, as a diuretic to treat minor illnesses. Many believed that the plant could help cure headache and arthritis amongst other things. The plant is generally found growing isolated, in a moist area in Oaxaca. It traditionally used by Mazatec shamans, who would incorporate the use of it into healing and spiritual sessions, as it would allow the patient to hallucinate and change their state of consciousness.


Traditionally, Mazatec shamans did not smoke or chew Salvia, instead they preferred to make a tea from the leaves. The tea was formed by grinding the leaves until it forms a juice then mixing it with water to make the tea. The tea was drunk during rituals to allow visions to be had during the ceremonies. Salvia was traditionally used to explore a ones mind in a deep, meditative state. It was seen as a way to explore the spiritual self, especially if they felt they needed spiritual healing. In strong doses, Salvia can be have dramatic effect on the body and even make the user feel as if they are travelling to another time, or dimension. The effect can also be out of body experiences, which is why Salvia was so often used during healing rituals as it was seen as spiritual to leave one’s body.