Salvia is known as the Sage of Wisdom. It is a member of the sage family and the only one that is know to cause visions. Shamans use this in their practices and many people use it just for the use of decoration in there homes. The Salvia, the sage of wisdom is a powerful mind altering drug if used in a proper way.

While the Shamans use Salvia for smoking but originally it was used for the purpose of a ceremony to cause mind hallucinations. This method has been used for centuries in these religious ceremonies by the Mazatec Indians.

The Sage of Wisdom – Salvia is found in Mexico. Some people who have used this as a hallucinogenic herb have reported that they feel as though they have experienced some sort of time travel, turning into someone else or even loosing their memory for a short period of time.

Unfortunately, you have to consume large quantities of Salvia to reach these heights and that is what makes this extremely dangerous. The Sage of Wisdom is a drug that can lead to extreme health dangers if used for a longer period and therefore should be used with great precaution.

There are many different ways to consume the sage of wisdom. It can be smoked, chewed or vaporized. One should do a lot of research before deciding to the use Salvia. One should look into the side affects it may cause on health. One should also remember that Salvia is not legal everywhere.