Salvia – The Rebirth

I have heard many different explanations as to what happens when one first tries Salvia. One of the greatest descriptions of what happens must have come from one of my best friends. He’s not generally a drug person but he’s an open-minded sort who isn’t afraid to try new things once in a while. He agreed to try out some new Salvia with me. I’ve used Salvia before so really this was a fantastic opportunity for him to discover what all the fuss is about.

I sat while he tried the Salvia. The room was safe and calm, and I assured him that this was going to be a short but fantastic journey into the deep unknown.

A few minutes later and he was back in the land of the sober. He had had a really calm trip, and I didn’t notice any movement apart from the inane grin that was spreading across his face. I was intrigued as to what caused this grin, so I asked him what he had experienced.

‘It was a like being born again – like a rebirth’, he said. He went on to describe in great detail how he had felt like he was travelling through a metaphorical womb of sorts, coming towards the end of the womb where a great light beckoned him. The womb walls were awash with a multicoloured kaleidoscope of psychedelic designs. What a breathtaking place it sounded like.

This experience is neither typical nor atypical of the experiences that I have heard about. Every time I try Salvia I feel a different thing. So it was with my friend: next time he tries the drug he will feel something different. That is the beauty of the drug and the beauty of the experience

Certainly my friend enjoyed the experience, and he’s planning on going under right now, as I type this. Trip away, my friend!