Those crazy scientists are motivated by many things. In a lot of cases, though, it’s pure curiosity. And so it is with Salvia Divinorum: not a great deal is known about this naturally occurring hallucinogenic plant and scientists feel that it is their duty to learn more about it. Good for them, and good for us if, as suspected, Salvia can bring some benefits other than the obvious fantastic trips.

You see there is just nothing known about the long and short term effects of Salvia because it is so fundamentally different to other types of drugs and even other hallucinogenics like LSD. Many people say that Salvia is like LSD or Marijuana but it genuinely isn’t. People who say this are either mistaken or are intentionally trying to mislead those that are unfortunate enough to pay attention.

That these same scientists are trying to perform experiments with willing human subjects then is no surprise. Many people will jump at the chance to get high on Salvia: there doesn’t really need to be any medical benefit to the process! The research isn’t frivolous and certainly isn’t just blindly academic: scientists believe that Salvia could be used to help in the understanding and treatment of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative mental illnesses.