If you read the (largely hysterical) press reports about Salvia then you will know that it is being the ‘new Marijuana’ or the ‘legal LSD’; it is also, apparently, a massive threat to not just the youth of today but also society as we know it. If you were to take these reports at face value then Salvia is the single reason for all America’s ills. It is the anti-panacea that was invented by Satan’s own hordes of goblins when they were feeling in a particularly mischievous mood.

Virginia is one of three states that have (so far) made the drug illegal this year. There are a total of 17 states considering a ban, and 11 more where it is currently outlawed. The reaction continues to amaze me (and I’m not alone in this) because there’s so little to dislike about Salvia. Not only have detractors found it impossible to prove to be dangerous or harmful in anyway, but there is also no evidence that it is addictive. There is no particular evidence that it’s a nice experience either, and people who use it regularly are few and far between.

One shop in Virginia said of Salvia:

We never really had any habitual people that would be using it all the time come in and buy more. I think it was just more of an experiment thing. I think people will just buy it online now.

And indeed the drug can still legally be bought online as long as the recipient is not in one of the few states that have taken the misguided step of banning it.

There doesn’t seem to have been a rush to stock up on stocks of the drug and it’s users are not out in force opposing the band. What irritates people most is the continued degradation of our society into one where everything has to be controlled for us. We are not allowed to make our own decisions about Salvia and, though not individually important, this is completely indicative of the birth of an over-protective nanny state.