Sales of Salvia in Ohio have soared to record highs as local legislators, politicians, law enforcement officers, concerned parents and most definitely Salvia users count down the days to the drug’s impending classification as a schedule 1 drug. It will soon be illegal to buy, use or sell Salvia within Ohio.

As people realize the impending fate of their favorite drug, so sales of the substance soar. People are likely stocking up before the many online Salvia stores are prevented from selling and shipping to anyone in the increasing number of states that are banning the drug. These stockpiles will, of course, in themselves be illegal after the new laws are passed. Sites like are selling huge ‘wholesale’ packs of Salvia Divinorum at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Some online outlets are reporting to be struggling under the weight of these increased orders.

The rationale behind the decision to ban Salvia has never been made clear, and each and every explanation provided is generally lacking in substance, reason and logic. Salvia has never in itself been proved to be harmful in any way, nor has it been proven to be responsible for any deaths or even serious injuries. Despite this politicians and lawmakers – along with those concerned parents who are swayed by the vast volume of unwarranted media attention on the substance – are joining as one to demand the ban of Salvia.

As has been seen with the banning of substances like marijuana and cocaine, legislation does not have a huge affect on the number of people using a drug; what it does do is to drive the sale of drugs underground. Driving an industry such as this only has negative effects for everyone including, but certainly not limited to, the lack of control in the quality of substance distributed and in the lack of proper controls in the people distributing it. Logic does not seem to have played a part in the banning of Salvia.