The startling ‘revelation’ in one incredibly badly written opinion in a NYU Local publication released last week was that Salvia was only used by “dumb” teens. I suspect the ‘author’ (and I use that word very cautiously) meant the word dumb to mean stupid, rather than mute. Either way he does his case very little justice indeed (and it didn’t have a lot of merit to start with) with his rambling narrative and shockingly prejudice observations.

One of my favourite sections of the article is the bit, towards the end, where he quotes someone as saying:

“I am against a salvia ban from a purely Darwinian perspective. Seriously, this drug could single-handedly kill more idiots than even the most aggressive eugenics program ever could. Let it work its course.”

The pure idiocy of a comment like that shocks me, honestly. For a start here is someone who is willing to judge and wish death upon anyone who uses Salvia (does he include the Mazatec Mexican tribes who have been using Salvia for centuries). Secondly, the author of that quote simply ignores the facts: Salvia has known to have been responsible for precisely zero deaths.

The babble continues. The author describes Salvia as being ‘just like Marijuana’ and then announcing that he is surprised that it is not banned yet. This being just a few sentences after he admits he’d never heard of the stuff before he got a second hand report from a newspaper.

I’m not singling out this author for any reason other than the fact that his quick to judge views and prejudices do not do anyone any favours. If only there were some journalists who were able to form an unbiased view of what was happening in the world of Salvia. Lively and measured debate would surely help everyone understand the dangers and benefits much better.